Day 5 – Feb 28 ‘19 -Ironwood to Alamo Canyon, Organ Pipes National Monument

_MG_6591Cactus and Friends Old And New

Up to a cold and sprinkly  but sunny morning – the mountains looked snow-feathered in the distance.

Found a back road down to Hwy 86 thru the Saguaro National Monument – early blooming lupine along the road banks as well as aa plethora of roadside shrines.  Much of that road goes thru the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. Bleak…

Gassed up at the Casino outside Why – $2.92/gal! It had been $1.99 at the CostCo in Tucson the previous day. Cheaper by 3 cents in Why proper – unusual, as the Casino generally is a better bargain.

Drove right down to Alamo Canyon and got the last of the 4 camp sites! There was another 4WD popup – an Eagle on a Tacoma. A guy came in driving a Suburu SUV and parked in the overflow – he’s a nice guy from Albuquerque named Mark. He came over to ask how long we might be staying, and we all stood around speculating on how long the folks in #2 would be here, as their site tag didn’t specify.

(This is a lot of what you do when you’re camping – dratted baby boomers! ??)

We thought that spot might suit US better as our friend Mike from Abiquiu was joining us with his popup and the parking area over there might suit us better – so then we all talked about THAT! No end of excitement…

Mike was traveling a day behind us and had been at McNeal the previous night.We had told Wyoming Diane to watch out for him, and surprise him by knowing who he was.. Of course, we had then told HIM to look out for HER and ditto – so the end result was that no one was surprised really, but we got a good laugh out of it. He also ended up meeting Microphone Jim (tho’ we had neglected give the alert about HIM!).

We chatted with Mark, who demonstrated his new electric bike for us. I made hot drinks, and took Trigger down the hiking path with his boots on (sure enough, running in Ironwood had made his feet sore!) It was so pretty! The temps soared into the 60’s even, maybe!_MG_6606

Mike showed up and we got all caught up since our last rendezvous the previous March (in the Chiricahuas). Mark came back over and we compared social service jobs – he’s a retired school counselor and Mike and I are both social workers. Poor John!

Lovely drinks into the evening, while T investigated a big rock within tether range. J said he saw a mouse under there while we were out on our walk, and sure enough that poor neurotic dog fixated on that rock our whole 3 days there!


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