Kings Daughter Milk Bank

I seriously cannot brag enough on the ladies that work here. They’re a fantastic group that have went above and beyond. When I did my donation, I never expected anything in return. Honestly I just thought I would send it in and be on my way. I would never know where my donation went or how many babies I would be helping. I was just doing my part to help other babies and help in my grieving process.

I still remember the day I got the info to call the milk bank. It was a Friday afternoon and I was at work, in the cafeteria at that. The person who handled all my milk in the NICU is who set up the contact information for me, all I had to do was call. I couldn’t, I remember being in shock actually when I received the text from her about who and what I needed to do to get in contact with the milk bank. I refused to even think about it. I remember crying thinking how can I give up all of my milk. This was apart of me for my boys. To me it honestly felt like the last thing I had left of them. Now I’m suppose to just donate it? I mean it couldn’t stay in my freezer forever, it couldn’t stay at my MIL freezer forever and it couldn’t stay in the NICU freezer forever. I put it off. I didn’t want to think about it, so I didn’t. A week later I decide to just call and talk to them, they didn’t answer so I left a message. In a way I was relieved, I had the weekend. Monday they called back but I was at work so they left a message. I called back Tuesday and they answered.. I was freaking out on the inside. I asked to speak to Megan, she’s the one who answered. I introduce myself and told her my NICU has gave me her contact info about donating my milk. Naturally the first thing she said was congratulations boy or girl? This is where things always get complicated/awkward. It’s always so weird when I get a congratulations, I’m so use to getting in so sorry. So I proceeded to tell her thank you, twin boys. Then the next awkward statement ALWAYS comes out if everyone’s mouth, and know by no means does it ever mean harm but I’ve got these conversations down lol, oh your hands must be full! Then that’s where I have to break the news, well they actually didn’t make it. Then you hear the instant regret in their voices, then the I’m sorry. So yeah I’ve had a ton of these conversations and I’m sure I always will. It’s just part of it unfortunately. After I tell my story she reassured me how great this is of my to donate. Having a preterm baby means having preterm milk, which is EXACTLY what the NICU needs. These preterm babies need this milk, and I’ve got it. My heart instantly becomes full. Those long hours of pumping and sitting beside my baby’s incubator will be honored with my milk. That’s how she broke it down for me, which I loved!

Now the day comes where I’ve got to go get blood work done to make sure I’m healthy and an able to donate. The whole process was so simple and didn’t take time out of my day at all, which I love since I am running my own company. There are a series of questions you have to answer, family history, medications you’ve taken while you pumped, drinking while you pumped, all the questions. They want to make sure all their bases are covered. With me I had the MMR vaccines on my discharge day, so for a month after the shot they wouldn’t accept any milk. At first that killed me, what do you mean, that’s so much milk! In retrospect I’m thankful I got to save some because it was incredibly hard letting it go.

I’ve said before the cooler sat in my living room floor for so long before I had the courage to open it, then to actually fill it and send it in. Even though I had some left over it still pulled at my heart string to let it go. It got over nighted to the milk bank and by the next day I had a voicemail telling me how much I donated and how they were so thankful. That was back in March and I haven’t heard from them again until a week ago when Megan reaches out to me. I had to come back and let y’all know what they sent me ?? I received it Friday night, I had a long day and knew I was going to have a long weekend. It was memorial day weekend and I was going to have to work all weekend. So getting this Friday was so perfect. I just stood there in the kitchen crying as I was in awe how amazing these ladies where when they didn’t have to be!

This is a certificate showing how much I donated, 371oz. Way more than I thought! They sent me a thoughtful card that they all signed. Then my favorite of all was they made a keepsake necklace out of my breast milk I sent in! How freaking amazing! I had already done something similar for myself before I sent my milk away because I knew I would need a “piece ” of them. So for them to think about this just makes me so happy!

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