Footprints in New Orleans – Day 3

Today I went on another tour that I had pre-booked with Cajun Encounters. A swamp tour! This was undoubtedly one of the activities that I had been most looking forward to since booking to come to New Orleans.

The bus was at 10:15am and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll down to the pick-up point. Our driver took us through the French Quarter telling us lots of interesting facts about the history of the area; at one time the French Quarter made up the entirety of New Orleans. The bus took around an hour but it felt much quicker due to our engaging driver pointing out many interesting land marks.

Having arrived at the swamp we were given coloured wristbands and told to wait until our colour was called. Whilst waiting we were able to walk along a decking to look out over the swamp scenery, the view was magnificent and unlike anything I had seen before. A picture was unable to capture even a fraction of the gorgeous vista.

Swamp scenery from decking

Once on the swamp our two hour tour went extremely quickly with out a doubt due to our hilarious tour guide, Sonny, whose name truly encapsulated his character. During the tour we saw much amazing wildlife including alligators, our tour guide got them up close to the boat to feed them.

Alligator being fed next to the boat

Other than alligators, the animal through which the tour was clearly focussed upon we saw many other creatures. This included a snake that the guide got from a tree for us to hold, wild pigs, raccoons and a blue herring. Despite seeing all of the amazing wildlife the backdrop in which they live was the most impressive and astonishing ecosystem that I have ever seen. We glided through the narrow swamp land in our small flat bottomed boat that was easily manoeuvred into sections of the swamp that most boats couldn’t get to.

Wild Pig in swamp land

Snake brought off a tree in the swamp

Swamp land from boat

We arrived back to New Orleans in the late afternoon after our trip so I wandered around parts of the French Quarter that I hadn’t yet explored, stumbling across the building of the Supreme Court of Louisiana, before heading back to the hostel.

Supreme Court of Louisiana

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