Travel 2019 takeaway

Hi my friend!

It’s been a tiring but an awesome experience this summer before I enter med school. This is not an ordinary blog where I’m going to tell you my journey and experience but the realizations thru those experiences.

Our family is not the type that usually travels alot because my dad was lazy to drive and lives a frugal life while my mom is the opposite. After X+ years my wish to travel became a reality but it wasn’t that instant. We traveled in Boracay, roadtrip in Aklan, Ilo-ilo, and Davao.

I believe there’s a timing for everything. When things aren’t beyond our control we must let it go and not force it to happen instantly. Because we live in the world where we want instant things because everything is almost given to us and also we are actively engaging thru social media and we are easily influenced by what we see on these apps. I admit, I also am easily influence by this behavior. So this travel experience taught me that I have my own story. Don’t forget to not compare my ch 1 to someone’s ch 20.

And while traveling around my home country, I am reminded also to be mindful in the present moment. In addition, everything that I see has a purpose. Look at the picture below:

This is a bat cave and before we get into this sight we were oriented about the importance of these bats on why are they here on our environment. They are not creatures who wants to scare us and be a pest on our fruits but their poop is used as a fertilizer and also they help flowers to pollinate and produce fruits. While we are sleeping, at night when they are awake they do their job.

We can see that it’s up to our perspective. So my friend don’t forget to enjoy and not just be dependent on technology. And if you feel bored, you have a purpose you just don’t go out and explore the world. You’re not born just to exist my friend but just like a bat you have also a contribution that you haven’t yet discover.

Go travel one place at a time.

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