Mango Mania!

One night, I had a strange dream. I was walking for miles and miles in a mango orchard. I could see dozens of mangoes hanging on trees. Some were ripe and yellow, some were unripe and green. After walking for a while, I turned left and discovered something like a waterfall. The waterfall not only had water but also mangoes. Out of curiosity, I went ahead to see where did all these mangoes and water flow. I saw a reservoir full of mangoes. The reservoir was spread across acres of land. Suddenly, the road that lead to this reservoir disappeared and there was no way back. I was stuck and was frightened. I woke up startled and was happy to realize that it was a dream. I drank water and gave a thought to what I saw in my dream. The night before, I was lazily lying on my couch, surfing channels. Every time, I switched to a different channel, I saw ads that were related to mangoes. Similar was my experience on social media. Some had visuals of mango icecream, some were about mango based pulpy juices. Some talked about the taste and some about the quality. But, they were all about mangoes. I found out why I had that dream.

I gave it a further thought and realized that cricket, bollywood and mangoes are the three topics that enjoys a unanimous view in India. There might be hardly a few who don’t like mangoes. This makes mangoes and the mango season marketers favourite. Brands devise interesting strategies and introduce new products to harp on the flavour of the season and win the market share. One starts and the other follows.

Summer is about to end and with heavy heart, we will have to bid adieu to mangoes until next year but, before that, how about a quick review of the mango season!

Grandmama’s Cafe, a famous restaurant chain in Mumbai and Pune introduced an all mango menu specially for the mango season.

Same goes with Rajdhani restaurant, which had a mango special thali running through the season.

This trend continued in many restaurants and cafes in India.

For brands that sell mango drinks, this is the season to bring out fresh new campaigns with new endorsements and storylines. Well, even the IPL was not left behind.

Competitors won’t stay silent either.

And some went to the extend of introducing new product lines.

The icecream sellers also jumped on the mango bandwagon.

Look around and you will see mangoes everywhere.

Did you enjoy the mango season? Well, here’s a box full of mangoes waving goodbye until next year.

(Pictures are taken from Google and Instagram)

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