Celebrating a Love Story

Last weekend I went home for a long awaited celebration; my parents’ pearl wedding anniversary. Thirty years of married life, two children, one grandchild and what appears a happy life together. They’ve had ups and downs but as we sat together celebrating as a family I realised that if I can do the same when I celebrate thirty years of marriage, I’ll be a very lucky woman.

I remember when they renewed their vows for their 20th anniversary and another ten years seemed an age away, but it rolled around soon enough. My parents often joke that they’ve been together for two life sentences but I’m sure for them it doesn’t feel like such a punishment. So, how do you celebrate thirty years of a shared life?

We didn’t do anything too fancy to celebrate. We went out for an early dinner to our local Italian restaurant, just seven of us; Mum, Dad, my brother Joe, his partner, their child, Ethan and myself. We shared three bottles of wine before we went home and played with my niece, Ruby, in the garden. I’m not sure what we looked like, six mildly tipsy adults blowing bubbles for a toddler in the warm Spring sunshine. But it was lovely to feel that family connection. Ruby, my niece, is named for my maternal grandmother who died when my Mum was little, and the grass she was running on is in the garden of my paternal grandparents’ house. The trees that she was running beneath have seen three generations of the same family celebrating in that garden, and I think that’s pretty amazing.

After she’d gone to bed, we stayed up late. Dad lit the chimenea and we all sat wrapped up in blankets drinking far too much for far too long. My brother queued music on Apple Music and we stayed up talking to the sounds of my parents favourite music. It was a beautiful way to celebrate their wedding anniversary and to celebrate the family they have created. Family is something that they have always upheld and something that I have only recently begun to appreciate more fully. Sat in the garden beneath the murky stars, outside the house my grandparents created, its safe to say it was a night I won’t easily remember.

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