Very Simple Things

I’m happy right now and want to share it. My only hope is that I can be open and honest, so that I can can get this overwhelming desire to share out. I’ve got school work but can’t stop getting distracted by happy thoughts and social media ?????

Whhhhy am I so happy? I feel as though I have understanding about what’s going on in my life. I want to say I feel in control but that’s not entirely true. I dont feel the need to control…I just need to continue!

If you’ve been following along with my blog at all you’ll remember I has manifested a job–the perkiest high paying power-full position that humble ole me has ever had. Well… I gave a lot of time energy and effort to that position but things were constantly going wrong. I eventually has to quit. It’s been about a month and I’m still blinking as if I just woke up.

I’m rediscovering family, friendship, joy, and all the other things I was trading in for ego gratification.

QUICK ASIDE: a few post ago I tried to explain this song I wrote and produced called cynical love…I did terribly, but what I’m saying now provides more insight. The song is ok…very short but a little delightful if you listen all the way through ??

link here:


Without the distraction of the job I’ve found myself back involved with all the things I didnt realize how much I valued. Tonight I got to dance in my bedroom with friends. I’ve never ‘shuffled’ before but it was really fun.

I had some difficult feelings related to my family and rather than doing what I normally do: ??????

I called my sister and we had a wonderful conversation!! Most of my day was spent walking dogs for one of my superhero friends! She has 2 business and more work than she needs. I havent had any real callbacks, so any work I get is a beautiful blessing. It’s harder to see that when the cash flow is good but I will strive to keep this attitude at the forefront of my mind.

I had time to talk to my son and his interests and activities (off to see Aladdin ?????)

In the morning I got to dedicate hours to writing a song and just experience my creative process.

I’m happy because I’m getting to live freely and I feel strong enough to love freely. All of my needs are being tended to by the universe while I focus on enjoying the ride abs doing the work to get to the destination.

If you’re going through something please take some time to enjoy simple free things and you will see that maybe there isn’t much to strive for, worry about, or even fear. It’s literally working for me sooooo why not you????

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