Color Coordinated Clothes for Travel

Hello everybody! Who else is excited that June is FINALLY here?! With the official first day of summer just around the corner, I thought that it would be useful to share my tips on how to pack for vacations. With social media being such a large part of everyone’s lives, it’s easy to understand why people want their photos to look perfect. I’m going to share some packing tips with you here so that you can be camera ready wherever you go!

My closet philosophy would have to be two simple words – comfy & cute. You want to be able to enjoy whatever adventure you’re going on, so make sure to pack according to the climate & activity. To save some time while getting ready while on vacation, pack clothes in “outfits”. It also helps to stick to a color scheme.

Here is what I’m packing for Costa Rica! As you can see, yellow is definitely my favorite color to wear.

I like to organize my outfits by occasion. Below I will show you sets for outdoor activities, dressier outfits, and some that are still nice, but casual.

Here are my “active” outfits. There are clothes that I wouldn’t mind hiking in & think are cute enough for pictures! The shorts, overalls, and shirts are easy to mix & match. The romper in the center is sooo comfy.

Here is where I got the pieces from above:

  • Tank top – Rue21
  • Shorts – Old Navy
  • Romper – Target
  • Tshirt – Ross
  • Overalls – Marshalls
Here are my dressier outfits. These are ideal for nicer dinners & are comfortable enough for the tropical heat.
  • Polka dot romper – Marshalls
  • Embroidered dress – Target
  • Floral Romper – Old Navy (this is one of my favorite pieces EVER… it even has pockets *insert all the heart eye emojis*)
These are outfits that I wouldn’t take a hike in, but are still good for walking around & exploring the city area.
  • Paisley top – Marshalls
  • Linen pants – Kohl’s
  • Sundress – Target
  • Tshirt – hand-me-down (but I think it’s from Target)
  • Denim skirt – Ross

I tried to stick with the same color scheme for all of my outfits. It makes mixing and matching a lot easier, and will definitely look organized later in the Insta grid ?? I feel like this year neutrals & minimalism have become quite popular in fashion. I love color a bit too much to stick with strictly beige and gray, so that’s why I added pops of yellow. The blue from the denim pieces are light & can be found throughout the outfits such as in the shirts & rompers. I think that these light blues & sunshiney yellows are just enough color to go with the otherwise neutral palate. If yellow isn’t your thing, I would recommend a dusty rose or light lavender instead!

Here are some essentials I needed to bring, even if they throw off the color scheme!
  • Leggings – Forever21 (honestly who can travel without leggings?!)
  • Sweater – hand-me-down (I think it’s from Target)
  • Cover up – hand-me-down (originally H&M)
  • I am also bringing a light raincoat & a baseball cap that aren’t pictured. You never know what the weather will want to do!
I wasn’t going to go out & buy new bathing suits to match the color scheme when I had perfectly comfortable & cute ones at home! Old Navy has pieces that mix & match wonderfully for a pretty affordable price (especially when you find them on sale like I did).
I tried not to go overboard on accessories so that I can save room in my suitcase. So far everything pictured in this post can fit in a carry-on!
  • Purse – hand-me-down
  • Sunglasses – Ross
  • Belt – honestly I have no idea
  • I will probably be adding a drawstring bag or other small bag to my suitcase for times where the straw tote is impractical.
Here’s a close-up on the jewelry! It really isn’t safe or practical to travel with flashy/expensive jewelry. That’s why I stuck to smaller pieces.
  • Hoops – Kohl’s
  • Wood sunflower earrings – gift from Spain!
  • Necklace – Amazon (very cute & affordable constellation necklaces!)
  • Bracelet – gift from Italy! (as you can tell I am quite fond of handmade trinkets from abroad)

I was not about to put my shoes on the bed for a picture, and didn’t feel like interrupting all the matchy-matchy photos going on, so you can wait to see what they look like later this week on Instagram. I’m wearing sneakers onto the plane, that way they won’t take up room in my suitcase. I’m packing a pair of espadrilles & comfortable flipflop/sandals.

Hopefully this post was helpful! I can’t wait to share photos of what the outfits actually look like (not all wrinkly lying on a bed). Later this week I’ll post a “what’s in my bag” for the straw bag that was pictured above. Stay tuned for more!

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