Polynesian Islands – Honeymoon

My husband (Chase) and I got married in Nov 2018. We decided to book our honeymoon for the Polynesian Islands in May 2019, which was the beginning of their “non-rainy” season. We booked our trip through Costco Travel, which I have nothing but amazing things to say about! The whole entire convo with the Costco travel agent lasted maybe 20 minutes, where she gave advice and helped us customize our whole trip. All hotels, flights and inter-island transportation were included.

Quick Summary

  • Costco travel had every step of our trip organized, we got picked up and shuttled everywhere we needed to go. Food packages were also included which was a huge $$ saver.
  • Buy duty free alcohol at the airport before you depart!!! It’s so expensive at the hotels??
  • We liked Bora Bora more, maybe because we saved the badass over-water bungalow for it and the weather was superb. It rained a lot in Moorea.
  • I still loved Moorea though, we did many more excursions which allowed us to almost never leave the room in Bora Bora ??.
  • You will have WiFi on the resorts, so no cell package needed.
  • Bring slots of sunscreen and bug spray for mosquitos
  • Also HUGE note – watch out for seaweed/algae on the ladder in the overwater bungalows – gave me serious rashes that lasted multiple days! ??

Here I’ll continue on in more detail..

1st Stop – Tahiti

We took a redeye direct flight from LAX to Tahiti, which was roughly 8.5 hrs. When we arrived, Marama tours agent “laid us” with flowers and put us on a bus to catch the ferry to Moorea. The ferry was huge, but sadly a boring 1 hr ride (there was no booze to be bought). When we landed in Moorea, we were shuttled by Albert tours to the Hilton, were we were staying at. Owner of Albert tours drove the bus and was a HUGE crack up. Made the ride very enjoyable.

2nd Stop – Moorea

We first stayed in Moorea for 4 nights at the Hilton in a “deluxe garden bungalow with pool”. Room was great, very private and can skinny dip in your pool if you can stand how cold the water is (we barely used it bc of this). We had the buffet breakfast included in this package – which was amazing! Unfortunately, it was mainly overcast with pockets of showers while we stayed here. We booked all of our activities with the concierge at the hotel when we arrive. Below I will list some of the activities we did.

Hilton Spa & gym

  • I got a deep tissue massage at the spa in the Hilton, which was like 150$ ?? (but it’s my honeymoon so why not ???????)
  • Spa services was very professional and clean. Not sure if Polynesian hands are stronger but I requested a “deep” strength massage as I normally do at home – but this was VERY deep. I still enjoyed it but just be aware! I was then able to hit the sauna after
  • Gym – was small but sufficient. Had a treadmill, couple of bikes, elliptical, free weights, cable machine (with only one attachment) and weighted balls. Still got a decent workout in.

Canoeing and paddle boarding at the hilton

  • These activities are free provided by the hotel. Moorea had way more coral reefs everywhere, so watch out for scraping a leg or foot!

Golf at the Moorea Green Pearl

There are only golf courses on Tahiti and one on Moorea. This was a 100% must do for Chase. We both rented clubs and bought tees, golf balls, a shirt, two hats, green fees, cart, and range balls, which all totaled <500$.

  • 18 holes / 6600 yards / par 70
  • Rented clubs were VERY nice. We both received brand new Titleist AP3 irons, vokey wedges, Scotty Cameron putters and titleist 917 divers
  • Front 9 was rather tame and flat. Only a few ocean lookout points, but this led up to the very beautiful back 9
  • Back 9 featured a bunch of elevation changes (like on the side of the mountain) and great view points of the ocean. Also some very narrow fairways

  • ATV excursion
    • Barely any experience required
      Wear bug spray!!
      First stop is at the pineapple factory were you take some shots of alcohol made from local pineapples ??
      Next your tour up around one of the mountains, stopping to see pineapple and other fruit farms. This was really cool since we had neither seen how some fruit was grown
      Belvedere point – beautiful lookout over the ocean
      Ancient Polynesian temple had only stone walls remaining. Apparently did human sacrifices here
      Final stop at the only high school on moorea for jam tasting. This high school is focused on agriculture, otherwise you go to Tahiti for school. Recommend getting ice cream here ??

    Rented mopeds (50 cc)

    • Rode a whole lap around the island, which took roughly 1 hr. Literally only one road all the way around so you can’t get lost
    • Stopped at some pearl shops, but honestly there wasn’t much decent shopping anywhere. I bought my pearl necklace in Bora bora but apparently it was cheaper to get them here
    • Was awesome until it got windy the last 10 minutes and a branch or something hit me face ??

    From Moorea, we were picked up and transported to the Moorea airport. The flight to Bora Bora was only 1 hr. FYI there is no assigned seating and only a tiny little resturant/bar.

    3rd stop – Bora Bora

    Bora Bora is where the luxury began. We stayed at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. The hotel picked us up from the airport where you are transported via boat the the resort. Here we stayed in a “Sapphire Overwater Junior Suite Villa” with daily buffets breakfast and nightly 3-course dinner included. I highly recommend this resort !! It’s big, and has a way more resort and luxury feel to it!

    So we did barely any activties here because we loved our room soooo much! Also the weather was perfect, so the first night chase got SO sunburnt and I got a huge allergic reaction from the seaweed/algae. When you arrive, you get an information packet, and in it there is a tiny warning note where it mentions the algae on the ladder in the bungalows. To give an idea, a guy comes to clean the ladders every day in a full suit. And I am allergic to pretty much all plant life, so I got destroyed by it and of course chase did not. So heads up – barely touch the ladder and then use the hose they provide on your balcony to fully rinse off after. And probably shower with soap too. (Rash was soooo itchy and burned and was just awful)

    Other than that, we ate like royalty with the breakfast and 3 course dinner. The *fancy show dinners* were ehhhh. Basically like a smaller luau seen in Hawaii and were not free like the normal dinners. Lunch was typically delivered to the room. We basically just lounged on our deck or jumped in the ocean every day. It was amazing!!! It was our honeymoon, so at this point we just wanted to sunbathe and enjoy each other’s company ??There are also free paddle boards, canoes, and other stuff to rent. Jetskis looked fun but I’ve done that alot and wanted the full use of our view ?? (also btw my rash and chases sun burn we would have died)

    Check out the free stringray feeding they have at the hotel at 2 pm. Honestly was so cool, like little doggies begging for treats, and they swam all around you. Apparently they have been fed at the same spot for 10 years at 2pm.

    Note – the drinks are crazy expensive on Bora Bora.. like 20-30$ per drink ?? wine is cheaper, and they do have drink specials every other day. Also the free 3 course dinner is key, would have been at least 200$+ a meal.

    Overall, it was an unforgettable and dreamy honeymoon. We both loved it, and I hope this post helps anyone who is interested in visiting Moorea or Bora Bora ! ??

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