The A. Love Project: Suit Up

Here We Go….

I’m struggling to truly begin but I will because my life depends on it. Life being myself, children, the world and YOU! I’ve started this blog to hold myself to the level of intent and accountability that is necessary to continue the path of being in the greatest health and best shape of my life. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m doing installments of this journey. But before I get into the grit. Let me give you a little background….

So I’ve been fat all my life (let others say it). However in my “first 5” years I was fed homegrown fruits and vegetables. Fresh caught fish. Food from farmer’s market. But something happened at the tender age of 6 and I began to use food as a crutch as I was able to explore more options. Between disaster and trauma in my little world, all things I learned is not truly “food” became a bestie, confidant, lover (in adulthood) and the thing that got me through the stress of life.

I’m not going to say how bad it got… but think hangover (not alcohol induced, tho). Seeing this now I realize I underwent just as much trauma in eating what/how/when I did. But now that I’ve done so much work to get to the root of such behavior, I can say I’m ready to take care of the inner child inside and rebirth and grow myself up again with a new light and understanding of how to live and love myself.

So much to be thankful for… no diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, lost limbs, etc. So far arthritis and a bad back… Something I can live with if I take care of my body, strengthen it and feed it “life.” This is what this Natural Health and Weight Loss is all about. Giving life to myself through natural-living-food, meditation and activity that guarantees that I can do and be all I can. For real, I’m not going to lie and say I won’t indulge in my faves sometimes- at some point (cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, lasagna (veggie I promise). But I’m making a commitment to use my knowledge, skill and wit to take live foods that are better and taste good and create masterpieces with them like I didn’t miss a dang thing!

So here’s how its going down:

  • Vegetables
  • Limited wild tuna, salmon or herring; free range chicken/turkey breast (no corn or soy fed… from local farm) My goal is to eat meat seldom if not at all… but hey… baby steps
  • Fibrous Grains and Wild or Black Rice
  • Beans, Nuts and Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Necessary Supplements (vitamins and minerals)
  • Tea
  • yes my Coffee
  • and Herbs
  • NO GMO’s at all possible.
  • ********And to grow my own food as much as I can.

My next installment will give more context of what this method will look like and what my activities and/or workouts will consist of. As well the types of meditation and motivation practices I’ve been using.

The picture above is 2 years old and I’m about the same. I haven’t taken any photos because I know I’m tired of looking the way I feel. It’s time to change that NOW… cuz I feel good, I’m loving myself and life and it’s time for this butterfly to free herself… So…

Here we go….

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