Q&A: Royal Teeth talks tour and forthcoming album (plus live photos)

Before releasing its comeback record, Hard Luck, later this summer, indie alt-pop band Royal Teeth currently on tour with Smallpools and Keelan DonovanHard Luck is Royal Teeth’s second album, following their Amateurs EP in 2016 and debut full-length, GLOW, in 2013, and comes after a series of label and lineup shifts. The band refused to give up amid the changes, however, and emerged with a new sound and a bold declaration that they would never quit.

In anticipation of the record, Indientry photographed Royal Teeth (alongside Smallpools and Keelan Donovan) at the A&R Music Bar on May 30 and asked the band a few questions via email about touring and the album. Check out the interview and live photos from the concert in Columbus below.

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Indientry: How are you guys? How is tour going?

Royal Teeth: We’re doing great! Tour is off to a good start. Just finished night one at Park West in Chicago and it was excellent.

I know you’re touring with Smallpools. What’s your favorite thing about them?

We love their fun, upbeat vibe and they write really good songs. They’re also good people. That’s a pretty great combination in our book.

What artists are you all listening to most right now?

Better Oblivion Community Center, Lizzo, Vampire Weekend and Tank and The Bangas to name a few.

Talk a little bit about your forthcoming album, Hard Luck. What can you tell me about your inspiration for writing it?

After recording songs in Nashville that we weren’t happy with, we got home and decided to clear our heads and start fresh. Gary started writing non-stop, about 40 ideas or so, and we just used the songs we felt were an exciting new sound for us.

How does this album differ from your previous work?

We recorded and produced Hard Luck on our own home studios. We wanted this album to be little aggressive and more rough around the edges than our previous work.

It’s been six years since your last full-length record and three since your last EP. How do you think your band has evolved since then, if at all?

When we started the band we were a six-piece. Now we are a four-piece with a new member, so that changed the dynamic of the writing process. We’ve also grown a lot as individuals and felt we needed to do something we hadn’t done before for the new album.

Which of the singles (so far) is your favorite, and why?

Gary’s favorite is “Never Gonna Quit” because it was one of the first songs he wrote at home and it really inspired the theme for Hard Luck.

What are you most excited about for the release of the album?

It’s always exciting to see a physical copy of something you’ve worked really hard on and having fans be excited about it. We are looking forward to re-connecting with fans and hearing what they think about the new songs.

Is there anything else about your band that you think is important for readers to know?

We wouldn’t still be doing this if it weren’t for our fans and we’re grateful for their support. And we are happy to be able to share new music!

Check out the single “Never Gonna Quit,” Gary’s favorite single from the band’s forthcoming record, Hard Luck, below.

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