The End of Second Year

Not gonna lie, I have barely written this year. It’s been a bit of a nightmare year, my workload has been massive and I have had a lot of outside shit going on.

In early October, my brother was admitted into hospital. When we were kids, he had a liver transplant and his eyes had started going yellow (jaundice), so he had to be admitted pretty much straight away. They had no clue what was going on with him – just that his liver was failing. This digressed very quickly, and before I knew it, he was in a critical position. Over Christmas, he was moved into intensive care. His liver was failing, his kidneys started shutting down and his lungs began filling with fluid. Two days in intensive care, we got the call and my brother got his second liver transplant.

January came and my brother came out of hospital and I had to rush back to uni. I had assignments due and feelings to bury and I struggled. I basically lost all sense of control and peace in my life, I had mental break downs on every night out – which was basically every other day. I was falling down the darkest hole I’d been down for a long time. I allowed myself to get so ill, heading down an extremely dark path. I was ready to continue going down this path.

Then, reality check. Stuff happened with my friend that created a huge wake up call and I began trying to get better. I went to the doctors, I began counselling, I stopped drinking. I cleaned myself up.

I’m not gonna lie, I still have shit days, but I am doing a hell of a lot better than I was. Along with all of the crap I had in my head, I also had a shit ton of work due in for Uni, which was stressful as frick, but at least that’s done now.

It’s not all bad though, I had a wicked year with my friends. I’ve got a lot closer this year to two people from my course and they’re amazing. They’ve been such a good influence on me, as well as being a huge support over the past few months. I’ve had a lot of fab times with them – as well as my other mates – which has made the year worth it.

Anyways, now, it’s summer. I’m working at a summer camp – which I’m pretty excited about – and I’m starting my work for my dissertation. (HECK) So hopefully I’ll write again soon.

– This Uni Life

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