Star Wars: Galaxys Edge

My family and I were lucky enough to get into Disneylands newest edition Galaxy Edge on Monday, June 3. I want to try and give you as much info as I possibly can about the atmisphere, rides, food, and more. Now, I am not the biggest Star Wars fan, but Disney is one of my all-time favorite things ever.

To start off we had to make reservations to get into this new addition. My brother in law was able to book this for my family. It was a little tricky getting a spot. He had about 10 minutes to book the reservation and once booked you could not change the names on the reservation. In my case, I have the So Cal select pass, and of course, my husband and I were blocked out. If possible check with your invited guests before booking to make sure everyone is able to get in. What we had to do was buy a one day pass for $150 just to get into this land. The reservations are at a set time which I appreciated. We had our time reserved for 5-9pm. What we wound up doing was getting into Disneyland at noon and enjoying the park until about 3 pm. At three we were instructed to go check in for our reservation. What we had to do for that was making sure we had the whole group with us and get our wrist bands. These wrist bands are color-coded so when you’re in the park they know what time slot you are a part of. The reason for this is they only want a certain amount of people in the land at a time. Which again I definitely appropriated. At around 4:30 pm we walked over to the entrance and waited to go in. This process was a little messy for me. I am a very anxious and claustrophobic person. We were packed in around hundreds of people and then herded in like cattle. I hope that this changes as time go on but for me was not an enjoyable experience.

What we were told to do as soon as we got into the land was to go make reservations at the cantina. Thank God that we got this little tip, but everyone else must have also been told this because there were SO many people in line to make a reservation. We found it was best to leave one person in line and the rest of us took a short walk around just taking in all of the detail that Disney put into making this as realistic as possible. My husband and I branched off and placed an online order for the blue milk from the milk bar. I 100% recommend ordering online. You have a time slot that your drink will be ready and mine was ready literally in 5 minutes and I didn’t have to wait in any kind of line. I ordered the blue milk and it was delicious. For me, it was almost a mixture of a milkshake and a slushy together. It was a little chunky in texture which was different but thankfully it’s nondairy so it wasn’t spoiled.

We walked around the entirety of the land and took in all the details and shops and characters they had walking around. It honestly was a little overwhelming. There was so much to take in. Everywhere you turn there is something new and something to see. My favorite part of this whole experience was the fact that ALL of the can’t members were so in character. We found a few critters that we had never seen before and asked if they knew what film it was from and they looked at us like ”what is a film?” That made us really feel like we were on another planet. The whole time we were in this park it didn’t even feel like we were in Disneyland. It’s a whole different kind of experience but in a good way.

I was a little bummed that there were no aliens walking around with us but there were a few characters around that were interacting with guests. Another thing I was a little disappointed in was the fact that there was only one ride that we could get on. As for the ride that was a freaking blast.

The ride was a new take on Star Tours in Tomorrow land but also way different. You get the 3D effect but instead of a large group of people, there are only 6 per ride. We had 5 people in our group so we were paired with a sixth single rider which thankfully was not an issue. You are a smuggler riding through space with two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. You are assigned your roles but you can easily swap if someone is unhappy with the role they were given. The ride was about 5-10 minutes long and a lot of fun but we wound up screaming at each other the whole time.

The biggest issue out of the whole experience was the Cantina for me. It was such a pain in the ass. Getting into the park, making the reservation, waiting 1 hour and 45 minutes to get into the Cantina and then the prices of everything were crazy! All but one of us got alcohol. The drink I wanted was the Yub Nub in the suvinior cup, but not for $42!!! I instead got the Bespin Fizz. The drink was a lot of fun, with dry ice at the bottom it made the drink smoke. The drink itself tasted very good but had so little alcohol in it and this drink was $17. The food was super cool though. We got the snack chip platter and there were so many different chips and snacks. It felt like it was from another planet. That was totally worth getting. You have a two drink limit and 45 minutes in the bar.

In review, I thought that it was a great experience. Star Wars to me will never be ”Disney” but I think they did an amazing job with making it as realistic as possible. 100% worth it and hope you get to experience one day. I feel it was more targeted towards an older guest but still so much fun for kids.

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