Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3955.1 sec BC/ “You opened the 7th Seal Kim”


Welcome to My World NO MANS Land

Kim in Ohio Your Husband and the rest of your kind.  You invoked my judgement when you told me I was a Baby Killer from Vietnam.  You called the Thunder down on your head and Hell is coming.  You stood up like Man and pissed on the graves of my Soldiers who died for your sorry ass.

My soldiers died in Battle of Khe Sanh , Nov, 1968.  I was there as the Helo,s brought the dead soldiers bodies in and their blood flowed out the doors on to the ground. and picked more troops to fight at Khe Shan.  You called me a Baby Killer in 1972 when I stepped off the plane in Houston Int .Airport.

He came to me in 1977 and told me not to forget them,  900 soldiers of the 4th Marine Recon, Bn. “Dirty Dogs”.  893 soldiers died at Khe Shan and other places during the Tet offensive 1968. 1000 a week for 13 days.

As a Son of the Father I invoked the Prophets of old to bring Judgement upon your head and it will flow out of your house and across the land.  You killed two of my children you did not give them Mercy you did not give my Soldiers Respect.  For that their Spirits will rise from the graves to constrict your body like a Python from head to toe and plunge you into darkness.

You will see my Soldiers coming out of the clouds like a mist, riding their White horses, 4th 12th Air Cav carrying the Men of the 4th Marine Recon,”Dirty Dogs”, 1968.  The Black Horse will come out after out of mist of the clouds, 11th Armored Cav. Regiment,1962- 1972 and they are going to lay your land barren. Then my soldiers riding the Pale horses from the East will come down upon your head, 9th Infantry DIV, 1962, Vietnam with you and your kind those who worship the goat and their Spirits will ride across the lands of Ohio and beyond like rivers of darkness. You will fight in the streets and kill each other off.  Then comes the 1st Air Cav, to cause death to come across the land.  You spit on their graves in Cambodia 1965 and their blood will flow from your eyes and flow across America like a white sheet falling from the heavens. Then my soldiers will turn on Rome and the Popes who worship the goat and the Temples of America will burn to the ground and their fires and smoke will rise to the heavens.

Kim because you killed two of my Babies a stone will be put around your neck and you will be cast into the deepest part of the ocean, 7 miles deep where no light lives and the pressures are like a wine press. There you will spend eternity.

I invoked your judgement from the prophets of Old.  I told you I was a Rattlesnake you called my soldiers Baby Killers and you killed your own creation for that there is no mercy or grace.  You pulled the trigger 3 times.

Those that hear my words will be taken to safety into the heavens with My Father.

My Armies are rising out of their Graves and in the even Friday night they will ride again into Battle one last Combat Mission.  You have been worshipping the Goat a time and a time and a half. You opened the 7th seal when you raped the Daughters of America and threw them into the fires of Nebekenezer.

You young men that write fowl language like cum for my children to see,  you are going to burn in hell.  I am tired of seeing it.  You are going to see my fangs in the even hours soon.

Welcome to My World in NO MAN’S LAND in  the womb between the two Pelvic Bones.

I will be looking down I never took my eyes off you, 7.111111111111117………>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am a Combat Veteran of many Battlefields, 1836, 1944, 1971 Vietnam.

Europe 1978 East German and Czechoslovakia Border  

Duty Honour and Courage

Here is a picture of me;

Chosin Ridge 1950

Battle of Bastogne 1944

Hell on Wheels 2nd Armoured Div, Vietnam, 1971

506th Air Assault

Death from Above

  Texas Rattlesnake

With Two Fangs

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