Non-related Movie binge

I’ve been watching Resident Evil movies all day, don’t ask me why, at this point they’re mostly background noise. Should probably turn it down because the walls aren’t that thick.

Today I spent about 3 hours editing my books, getting a full 15 chapters done, which puts me at 55 out of a total of 160. Not too bad I suppose, I started about 6 weeks ago and haven’t had that much time or energy to do it. I’m absolutely mentally worn out.

These books, there is one full length at around 110,000 words, one at around 45,000, and two around 25,000 words, are all based around a single past life from the 4th century BC. They have been a process for the last 12-13 years since the memories started resurfacing in some type of pattern. The first, and longest, is from my point of view, and the other three are from three of the people I knew.

This is a good time to talk about some of the odd things I can do. It may only be that life, I don’t know, I’ve never looked at others, but since I can remember so much and am so connected to it, one of the things I can do is…look back in time, so to speak, and see the events from another point of view. Maybe it’s just that I’m so closely connected with these three people, three that have been part of my closest soul group for over 10,000 years.

My mother and I were talking the other day about the All Souls trilogy, which I have yet to read, though I watched the show, and apparently there is something in the book about a type of witch who is a ‘weaver.’ My mum described it as someone who has to make their own spells or magic, they can’t use a form that’s been used by someone else, or they adapt a style to their own.

This pretty much sounds like me to a T. I can’t use say, traditional Wiccan spells etc. They make no sense and don’t do anything. While I love Harry Potter and all the depth to everything (Expanded universe via fanfic for the win) only certain parts of it make sense, generally the wandless magic. Wands don’t make sense to me. Even Star Wars and the force, which probably makes the most sense…doesn’t really?

In the books I just read, which I posted about a few days ago, the Powder Mage books, there’s a group called Privileged and they can reach into this, alternate reality and manipulate elements? That’s the general idea that I get. Also in the Tamora Pierce books magic is sort of just, there, and I guess…that makes the most sense in regards to mine?

My mum asked me to think about and write down how mine works and how I manipulate energy and so on, and I’ve been trying to think about it. There’s not really an easy way to put words to what I do, I just…do it. It’s probably a lot closer to elemental magic, and things like bending from Avatar (not the movie, god, never the movie) and so on. And it does change and adapt when I read or learn new things that seem interesting or cool, and so on.

Anyway! There will be more on this later when I figure it out! For now I’m mostly just rambling away strange thoughts.

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