Top 5 Wednesdays: Summer Reads

Hello, friends! Today I am going to be sharing my first ever top 5 Wednesday post!! I have always loved these prompts and getting a chance to read other bloggers posts and seeing how different people handle the same prompts, I just find it so cool and fun.

Top 5 Wednesdays come from a Goodreads group dedicated to creating prompts for bloggers/youtubers/other things maybe. The group is currently on hiatus for the summer, but the host encouraged people to look back upon older prompts, so I will be completely the prompts from the year before all summer (for instance, June 2019 will be using June 2018 prompts, etc). The prompt I am using today is summer reads! To celebrate summer kicking off, I’m going to recommend some of my favorite summer reads!


I. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

This book is like, the definition of a summer read despite the fact that it doesn’t take place during the summer (wait, maybe a little bit of it does? but not like the whole thing. if it did there would be no thanksgiving scenes and that would be a real shame). The author has tweeted about how she wants this book to be a beach read, and I honestly think that is an amazing concept. If I was the type of person that actually likes the beach, I would be all about reading this on the beach, but I am not the type of person that actually likes the beach.

I don’t know how I got so off topic here, but this is the perfect summer read (especially since pride month is in the summer!! there is m/m and bisexual rep!!). It is sweet, fun, and pretty quick to read, which is exactly what I look for in a summer read. It also has royals, great topics of discussion on American politics, turkeys (well, one turkey), fun group chats, parties, and so much more awesome content. Please read it. I will likely never stop talking about it.


II. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I have my issues with this book and this series in general, but I do think it fits the bill for a summer read very well. It is super fluffy, sweet, and kinda cringy. The characters are very typical high schoolers with high school drama but this time, they’re in Paris. The plot is kind of predictable and the writing isn’t the best, but like, fluff. So much fluff. The perfect amount of fluff to get lost in on a summer day then come back to yourself and go ? what’s happening?


III. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

I get the feeling that all of Morgan Matson’s books are perfect summer reads and therefore could be the entirety of this list, but as this is the only one I have read, I cannot technically confirm that. I can confirm, however, that this one is. I mean, for one, it has dogs. Do dogs have anything to do with summer time? No, but still, that is a big plus for this book. If dogs didn’t sell it for you, there is also a cute romance, a great friend group, pool parties, and a giant, elaborate scavenger hunt.

Basically, this book is filled with all of the things you see on those giant summer bucket list posts. I like to thing that since I read about them at the beginning of this summer, I get to knock those things off my nonexistent list too, but I don’t know for sure if that is how this works.


IV. All The World Between Us by Morgan Lee Miller

Okay this is another one that is not only the perfect summer read, but the perfect pride read. It has a central f/f romance and it starts a girl who is out and proud of it (she is also a kick ass swimmer, like she qualified for the olympic trials at like age fourteen? I am still not over that. nor will I ever be. I’m so proud of her). I know that I had slight problems with certain aspects of this book as well, but it is honestly a great summer read. I mean, the main character swims, and people tend to swim a lot in the summer. Isn’t that a good enough reason? Probably not. But it is also ex-best-friends to lovers and features great family relations and a slumber party, so those should be somewhat better reasons.


V. The Selection by Kiera Cass

I know that The Selection gets a bad rap and a lot of hate, but bear with me. It is the perfect guilty pleasure read, and guilty pleasure reads are perfect for summer. It is like, hot and stuff and you’re kind of miserable (or maybe that is just at my house because we don’t have central air – who knows), so you just want a light, fluffy, bordering on very cringy read to distract yourself. The Selection is that book. There are royals, pastries, misunderstandings, friendships, everything perfect for a quick summer read.


Okay, so that was my first Top 5 Wednesday post! I really had a good time with this, so I am glad I decided to join in on all the fun. What about you, what is your favorite summer read? Also, because I’m curious, does anyone make summer bucket lists? My work in progress is a summer contemporary and I am making Pinterest boards for it so a bunch keep popping up for me and I want to know if people actually use them lol.

(Also random side note, and self plug, but I spent a good portion of the day updating my blog layout. If you see any problems or bugs anything at any point, please let me know!)

See you guys tomorrow for another book review!!

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