??The Disney Dream and “Imagine” World Peace??


Maybe this is why they call the ship Disney Dream…21It’s not very often we see this little boy
motionless, but I do think he’s a dreamer??23This little one is a reader, everywhere he goes a book goes with him??



And more quiet moments in portholes…


An amazing Italian restaurant for adults only, on The Disney Dream and every Disney Ship, “Palo!!”  You need to make reservations many weeks before you set sail!!


I so enjoyed being entertained by this amazing violin player…1Lemon sorbet to cleanse the pallet between courses…5Yet another birthday celebration…


IMG_6821 23And of course, the ladies room at Palo!!!2All different types of pasta depicted in this chandelier, as you walk into the restaurant…


The last day of Disney Cruises in The Bahamas and Caribbean are always spent on Disney’s own island, Castaway Kay, a private bit of paradise!!!7The Island as we sailed into the dock…B15Parker couldn’t wait to touch the water as we walked to the beach from the ship…




There are many beaches on this amazing island, for families like the one pictured in these photos, but my favorite, which we didn’t make it to this time, is Serenity Bay, a beach for adults over 18 years of age!!  However, one feature on even the family beach was having special mixed drinks delivered to your lounge chair…click here to see more of the island!!

There is ice cream and for lunch, in many areas of the Island, there are barbeques…and of course characters!!8The end of a perfect vacation…hopefully, we’ll be back to Disney soon!!!


Disney Dreaming


The only critique I would have about “The Disney Dream” was that it was overcrowded… However, as Disney does such an excellent job at running their businesses, everything went smoothly!!  There were people from all over the world sharing space together and everyone was happy and having a great time!! 15 The staff was attentive and polite, everything works so well with Disney…Wouldn’t it be wonderful if The Disney Corporation ran the World???  Just IMAGINE…




John Lennon was so ahead of his time!!


Thank you to my friend Donna for sending me the “Imagine” video??





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