Perth trip days 2-9

DAY 2: I got up around 7am, was still adjusting to the time zone difference (9am at home) and cooked some bacon & eggs. Afterwards I went to the South Freo dog beach and was in heaven there were dogs everywhere. For dinner we walked along the esplanade and stumbled upon Cicerello’s (the food was ok, if a bit on the oily side).

DAY 3: Was a chilled day spent exploring and down by the dog beach again (what a surprise), we found one of my favourite restaurants Big Rigz the Flying Rigz is amazing!

DAY 4: I walked into Fremantle which was 6km from our apartment and had a look around.

DAY 5: Went & sat by the beach.

DAY 6: Went for a bike ride to Coogee & watched the sunset.

DAY 7: We went into Freo & visited the Roundhouse which was opened in Jan 1831 as a jail & was used until 1886. We were told to catch the ferry into Perth, which took around an hour. We saw million dollar mansions and a LOT of jellyfish as well as bottle nose dolphins that came right up to the boat. For lunch we got sushi & sat at Kings Park overlooking the city which is a must do!

DAY 8: We got up early & decided to go for a drive to Cottesloe Beach, I’ve wanted to go there forever! We sat by the Lifesaver’s HQ and had fish & chips. The seagulls were like vultures & swarmed us as soon as they smelt the food. I handed in some resumes in hopes of getting a job and then had dinner by the dog beach with a couple of drinks.

DAY 9: Today had to have been my favourite day while on this trip! We got up around 5:30am & went to B shed, boarded the ferry & were on our way to Rottnest Island. We got our bikes off the ferry and started exploring. The first 5 minutes I saw around 4 quokkas, when we went a bit further there was a tiny one around the size of my foot and was so cute. There are a lot of hills ?? for lunch we had a jam sandwich, and had to save a quokka from inhaling it. I stacked it while running to look at the pink lake, along with the sea monkeys.

The last couple of days were spent house & job hunting, we managed to get accepted for a house near the beach. Our last night in Fremantle we ate at Holy Smokes which is another one of my new favourites, as well as Mexican Kitchen. I’ll be back in Perth on the 14th of June, talk soon!

Jess x

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