Ecstasy in Kerala- Munnar

Clouds and mountains- what a view Munnar

For those of you who have never been to India, it is a beautiful country known for its heritage, culture and food. I am originally from India, thus have had the chance to please my eyes with the rich heritage it has. Kerala is one of the southernmost states in India and is known one such place where you can enjoy the beach, mountains and backwaters. It is a beautiful state situated between the Arabic sea to west and Western Ghats to east.

The state lies in the tropical region of India, and the
average daily temperature at high is around 35 degree Celsius and minimum
around 18 degree Celsius. Although this place always has something to offer in
every season, the best time to visit is around April -May. If you are planning
a trip to Kerala, you need to see the three geographical climates that this state
has to offer.

The beautiful mountains are present in “Munnar”, which can be a three-day trip if you want to cover it all, it is famous for its Tea estates and mountains. My trip here in Munnar was not very long, but I still managed to cover all the well-known places. The place is very famous among nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure, honeymoon. It is one of those places that has something unique to offer to every kind of traveler. The high altitude of the region makes it an awe-inspiring spot for paragliding. The best thing about the place is that you ca actually walk in clouds, the experience is astonishing, my hotel room high enough to let me experience that , we booked the “Chandy’s Windy Woods” , I wouldn’t say It was the best I could get , but the overall experience of the stay was above average. The hotel staff was very helpful, they only arranged the cab for site visit and the driver, and the cab were great.

View from Balcony – Chandy Windy Woods

A one-day trip to all the tea factories and “Tata Tea Museum” is a must. You can even get to pick up Tea and go on hiking in these beautiful landscapes. All the factories have the shops from where you can buy the freshly made tea. When We were at the hotel, they arranged for hiking sessions, and the overall view from the room and hotel is breathtaking. When you are visiting the Tea Gardens do not leave the “Photo point” it is almost 2 km away from Munnar and you would see all the travelers trying to get the perfect picture .

Apart from the tea factories, the Thekkady lake is famous
for its wildlife and elephants. You could take a boat ride and if you are lucky
you might be able to see those giant elephants. “Mattupetty Dam” is
another site you wouldn’t want to miss; this place is all full of countryside
views that you can’t neglect. I do my exploration before I go in to visit a new
place , but I always talk to the locals to see what the internet isn’t telling
me, My cab driver was a local and showed us some spots like the “Anamudi
” which is one of the highest point in the Western Ghats.

We were not lucky to see the giant elephants in the wild, so we decided to visit “Carmelagiri Elephant Park”, so that we can not only see the elephants but ride them too. They take you for a quick walk, you can feed the elephants and get your pictures taken on while riding them. It was fun for me.

Living on a “Tree House” is also getting very popular in Munnar, I didn’t get a chance to do that as my trip was short, but i would recommend that and if you do , please do share the experience.

Evening in Munnar

Kerala and whole south India is also famous for its silk ,
so the trip couldn’t have been fulfilled without some shopping, One quick tip
for that , try to go to the government shops they give you discounts and if you
are shopping for silk for the first time like me, they would genuinely help you
.I went a little crazy here and got sarees and stuff for all my family. You also
have to come back with the best banana chips and coffee.

Looking at these pictures, you know when they
say the views are non-ending, it is just a picturesque place. The natural flora
and fauna are visually appealing, and it is one of the places which can fulfill
the needs for all kinds of vacations.

I hope you visit Munnar and feel as blissful as I did.

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