Day 5 – Austin (The Hike)

Today, Barbara & I planned to go out for breakfast then go for a walk on the Greenbelt. We went to Phoebe’s Diner for breakfast where we both had their Badass Bacon & Eggs. We would both disagree about Phoebe’s claim about their bacon. It was the kind that’s like a slab, a long piece of porkbelly. I liked the eggs & toast, plus this hash brown casserole thing that was good. B didn’t care for it much at all.

Then we headed to a trailhead that she’s been wanting to try. It was hot, but it was overcast so it wasn’t oppressive. We got to the trail around 11 am. It’s called the Violet Crown Trail. The first part was pretty rocky, but it soon turned to a lovely shaded trail, and it was hard to believe we were in a city. I was really enjoying it. I had already explained to B that I would need to go a little slower because of my knee so she went ahead of me but would wait for me or run back & forth until I caught up. It was cool though because she never made me feel bad or get upset when I was going a little slow.

Yes, Barbara is wearing a little dress. She says it makes it a) cooler and b) more fun. So we were going along pretty good for about an hour, hour 15 minutes or so, when we came to part of the river and couldn’t find a way to cross unless we kind of wended our way back along the bank to a dry section where we found what looked like the trail again. But as we kept walking, we started to realize that the trail was getting much harder to find and traverse. We basically came to, well, a cliff side that we had to go up in order to keep going. Barbara scampered up and went to scout the trail, and I had to get up it. Well, it wasn’t pretty, but I did it, and it didn’t get a lot easier from there, but mostly I was tired and winded from my exertion. Barbara & I made decisions as to what direction to take basically by intuition. She had service on her phone, but the map doesn’t really show the trails.

We were walking, slowing down with every minute, when we saw a house, but it had walled off any access to it, so we had to double-back (only that one time!) and then we went up again, and then there was a street! A neighborhood. This trail is not a loop and there was no way we were going to try to get back the way we’d come, so she had ordered an Uber while I was still climbing, haha.

We were drenched in sweat and so tired. We were also hungry again. We got back to the car and drove home, showered, and went out to lunch at Texican Cafe. Getting out of the car to go into the restaurant was a sight to see! After lunch, we got ice cream and went home. B took a nap, and I just relaxed.

She was going to go out to a meeting she had, but she wasn’t feeling so hot after the day and decided not to go. It also rained pretty hard which was cool. We ended up just hanging out, watching TV, getting a pizza. It was a very pleasant evening. Oh, and I got pics of the other kitties:

Off to New Orleans in the morning. It’s been super fun to hang with Barbara and be in Austin for a few days. The next week will be a grind, but I’m ready for it. I hope my body gets a bit restored with sleep, once I’m going it’s fine, but it’s those first few steps – ouch!

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