Queenstown, New Zealand Adventure! Days 1 & 2

Hi everyone,

So I know I haven’t written about our stay in Melbourne as of yet, we had an awesome time visiting friends and my brother and his girlfriend. I will share those photos on here soon but considering we are currently in New Zealand, I wanted to share these pictures now. ??

Queenstown weather (while super cold) has been amazing since we landed. We have had nothing but clear skies and sunshine, which is unusual for Austin and I as we usually arrive somewhere with a storm, heatwave or torrential rain. The view from our hotel room is amazing, we are right on the lake with snowy mountains surrounding us.

We have been up to so much already that I’m going to section these blogs into days. The day we landed, once we had checked into our hotel we went straight into town to watch the sunset and walk around the streets to see what it had to offer. We got some great photo, as you can see below of the mountains at sunset! While Queenstown is beautiful it certainly isn’t a cheap place to holiday. We found somewhere to have dinner, which the food was amazing although little did I know the cheapest glass of wine on the menu was $18! We have been pretty careful choosing places to eat since haha.

The following day we woke up early and might I say, I commend anyone who lives in a place in winter where the sun doesn’t rise until after 8:00am, it makes it 10 times harder to wake up in the cold weather. Anyway, we had a trip booked on the Shot Over Jet. While going on a river jet in 2 degree winds usually isn’t my idea of fun, it was really awesome, the views were incredible and the jet boat drivers are insanely skilled! I have no idea how they swing that boat in and out of the canyons so quickly. It was safe to say my legs and face were numb after, but it was totally 100% worth it, definitely a must if you come to Queenstown.

By the time we finished the boat ride, it was still early, considering the weather was so nice, we went up the skyline gondola and had some lunch at the top. Once again, the views were incredible! I think we stood up there just staring out for at least an hour.

Annndd the rest of the evening was spent like this… self-explanatory really.

Stay tuned for the next few days ??

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