Coconut Milk : Dairy Alternative

Coconut milk has recently become very popular.It’s a tasty alternative to cow’s milk that may also provide a number of health benefits.Coconut milk comes from the white flesh of mature brown coconuts, which are the fruit of the coconut tree.The milk has a thick consistency and a rich, creamy texture.Coconut milk should not be confused with coconut water,which is found naturally in immature green coconuts.

How to prepare coconut milk?

1. Combine the coconut and hot water in a blender.

2. Allow the mixture to rest. Let the coconut and hot water sit in the blender for a few minutes to give the coconut time to soften before continuing onto the next step.

3. Blend the mixture. Blend on high until the coconut is puréed and the mixture looks milky, 1 to 2 minutes. You will still have flecks of coconut in the mixture.

4. Pour the mixture into a nut milk bag. Open the nut bag and arrange it inside a medium bowl. Pour the coconut mixture from the blender into the nut milk bag.

5. Squeeze out the coconut milk. Take the bag in both hands and squeeze it out over the bowl. The finished milk should easily pass through the bag. Continue to squeeze until you’ve extracted as much of the milk as possible. You can discard or compost the leftover coconut pulp in the nut bag; if you have a dehydrator, the pulp can be dried and used as coconut flour.

6. Bottle the coconut milk. Transfer the coconut milk into a storage vessel of your choice, like large mason jars, swing top jars, or other air-tight container. This milk can be used right away.

Health benefits

Coconut milk can benefit in several ways,such as by stimulating weight loss and by lowering cholesterol.

Weight loss : Coconut milk contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which researchers have linked with weight loss. MCTs stimulate energy through a process called thermogenesis, or heat production.
Some studies indicate that MCTs work to reduce body weight and waist size. They may also balance out unstable gut microbiota. A lack of this stability may play a role in developing obesity.

Heart health : Some people may not consider coconut milk to be heart-healthy, because of its high fat content.Coconut milk contains a high amount of saturated fat, but the fatty acids in coconut milk are not a cause of concern,because the fat in coconut milk are medium chain fatty acids which take a unique pathway in tye body to be used as energy right away,rather than being stored as fat.

Boosts immunity system : Coconuts contain a lipid called lauric acid, and many researchers believe that lauric acid can support the immune system.Some findings indicate that lauric acid has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.In a study of the antimicrobial effects of lauric acid from coconuts, the researchers isolated various bacterial strains and exposed them to lauric acid in petri dishes.They found that lauric acid effectively inhibited the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Other researchers found that lauric acid triggers apoptosis, cell death, in breast and endometrial cancer cells. The findings suggest that this acid inhibits cancer cell growth by stimulating certain receptor proteins that regulate the growth of cells.

So,You can enjoy using coconut milk as dairy alternative.


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