Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinatti

This past weekend we loaded up and took a nice long ten hour drive out to Cincinatti for a memorial service for Steve’s grandmother. (More on that later). Since the weekend was filled with a lot of driving and dinners and grown-ups talking and church, we thought we’d make the weekend a little more kid friendly, and head down a day early to go to the Great Wolf Lodge! It was actually my mom’s idea, and it was a great one. We both ended up talking about how much FUN it was and how we were so glad we did it!


We hit the road early (around 5am) on Thursday, and arrived about 5pm. Not too bad for a ten hour trip, plus quite a bit of North Carolina traffic, rain, and stops for kids. We checked in, and the kids were pretty pleased with their wolf ears. (Insert howling in unison for the next 24 hours). The pool was open until 9pm, so we spent about five minutes in our room before we were headed to the pool!


The big kids got to do the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City a few years ago, but it had been a long time and they are much better swimmers now. Seeing them excel in the water is such a gift, and I’m SO grateful for ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) lessons. EVERYONE should do it. Anyway. Mitchell did the biggest slide in the whole place and he and Steve came down with two big ol’ smiles on their raft. Aubrey did the biggest little kid slide about 75 times (literally). She went around and around and around and was so excited. I love babies and seeing them grow is so wonderfully hard but I must admit, she’s in a really, really cute stage right now.


Mitchell did the obstacle course TWICE, without falling! That was so fun to watch his skill and coordination and determination!


AND he beat me AND Steve (not going easy at all, seriously) in a race on these slides. We were laughing like little kids and he was laughing at how slow we were.


We about closed the place down and finally stopped swimming at 8:45pm. I headed back to the room to get the kiddos changed into pajamas while Steve grabbed a couple pizzas, and we had a little pajama pizza party before everyone CRASHED.


The next morning we were back at it. We swam for about three hours on Friday morning, before we dragged the kids out of the pool. If it weren’t for the family events starting, we probably would have swam all day! We opted to stay for one night before we switched hotels to stay with the rest of the family (all 36 of them!). The kids are already asking when we can go back to the Great Wolf Lodge and I’m already trying to figure out when we’ll be able to fit it on our calendar. We have some wrestling tournaments in Charlotte that are looking promising!


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