california roadtrippin’

so for two weeks I was off to Los Angeles to visit my sister who’s currently studying in UCLA!


we spent most of our time in westwood, near the university campus. the movie theatre in westwood village (where we watched endgame) was super big and majestic, and gives discounted rates for students hehe. my sister showed me around the campus and her room, and I even managed to sneak in for a couple of her lectures for fun hahahha


back to my favourite place in LA – Santa Monica Pier! it was spring but it still gets pretty cold (at least to me) when the wind blows; I even turned up to the beach in a turtleneck and jeans and my sister (who was in a crop top and shorts) was laughing at me lmao


we also spent a day at knott’s berry farm over at anaheim. the rides never fail to disappoint!! somebody needs to bring these kinda rides over to singapore – human & cylon are lameeee


US outlet malls are the best. also, look at those cloudless blue skies.


the famous pink wall at melrose avenue! the epitome of touristy places


more pretty walls


I know I should be eating american food in america, but this okonomiyaki was so good and so authentic… for a moment I really felt like I was in japan! this is from chinchikurin at little tokyo (basically the chinatown for japanese) and the takoyaki was amazing too


and my absolute favourite part of the trip – roadtripping on the californian roads alongside the pacific ocean!! the views were to die for


here’s the gorgeous malibu beach


the view from the palm spring aerial tramway (something like a mega cable car, and what’s cool is that it rotates 360 degrees, so we get the full view of the entire place!)


up in the mountains where it was 8 degrees, a far cry from the 25 (i think) degrees at the bottom of the aerial tramway. altitude certainly does magic.
also, I loved this place because it reminded me of yosemite hahahah


more views along our roadtrip


our next stop was salvation mountain! really such a gorgeous place, I’m in awe :”)


we spent a night at anza-borrego desert state park, and we arrived just in time to watch the full moon rise (that was pretty cool). I loved the chill vibes of this desert – a great escape from the hectic city life! being immersed in nature was really mesmerising and I hadn’t felt this happy in a while hehehhe


dragged myself out of bed at 5.30am to catch the sunrise! the sun was hiding behind the clouds throughout, but it was still a pretty sight. plus we even managed to see some wild bunnies! they’re adorable but oh, so fast.

2 weeks in california passed by so quickly, but I’m grateful to have been able to visit so many new places! I really love the countryside vibes – or anywhere with nature away from city life, really.

will be back one day, hopefully roadtripping to another place :~)

also, uni is starting real soon – how did time pass so quickly?? I will miss having so much free time sigh seems like just yesterday that we were done with A levels. but new starts, I guess. long 5-year journey ahead, but big G’s got my back!

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