Dominican Republic (DR) Chronicles 2019

For my blog readers, my son, Caleb & I are finally on our mission trip in the DR. We arrived in the middle of the night Sunday morning, June 2. I’ll be blogging about this experience while I can on the trip and for the next several weeks. I’ve shared pictures on my Facebook page, but I really want to unpack this experience through blogging.

This post is focused on the food. These almond butter packets have saved me. I only have one left. So what have we been eating? Well, we’ve been roughing it, for sure, at least Caleb and I think so. There are mostly young people on this trip (19-30ish) serving as interns and volunteers. They’re pretty thin and may not be as concerned about the food. Our group has a wide range of ages. I was worried about what the food would be on this trip because I eat pretty healthy at home. We were allowed to bring our own snacks, so I brought a bunch of healthy stuff: Kashi cereal & cereal bars, kind bars, pistachios, organic applesauce, dried fruits, green energy packets & electrolytes, organic soups, peanut butter packets.

As a church group, we brought on the flight with us some items from the states since it would be cheaper. Peanut butter, jelly, cereal, powdered milk, condiments, etc. For every meal, there have been ample carbs. For ex. white bread for sandwiches & macaroni salad. Neither Caleb nor I are sandwich people, but we’ve been making it work.

Dinner is made by Haitian and DR cooks and it’s been different every night…all tasty. One of the Haitian cooks has been working with Mission of Hope Haiti for a while. Her son was sponsored by the organizer at our church for some years, then he was sponsored to attend college by another sponsor. He’s since graduated college. I introduced myself to her today as she was serving our food, but hope to have a good conversation with her before I leave.

I haven’t eaten much breakfast. I’ve embraced my almond butter sandwiches for lunch, but I’ve especially looked forward to dinner. I’m surprised we’ve had some sort of fresh salad each evening. I was told in Haiti there is rarely fresh greens so this is a treat. We’ve also had cake the last 2 nights.

This trip isn’t about me having all the comfortable, familiar foods I want when I want it. It’s about sacrifice and service, so I can deal for a week. However, Friday is beach day, so we’ll be able to chill out at the beach and eat local food. We’re looking forward to that. More stories to come from this experience.

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