30 days wild: Day 4 – thought I had lost her ??

Today was a very miserable day weather wise. It was warm but raining with occasional chilly wind. Not the best conditions for Arthur in the sling and I couldn’t find the rain cover for the buggy, so outdoors was off limits.

Also, after a horrible scare today I decided we would remain indoors.

We had been to see friends in the morning, said goodbye and went to the car. Lily-May was stood in front of the car on the grass. I asked her to stay there and she was, I was watching her while putting Arthur in the car. I looked down at the buckle for a split second and when I looked up she had gone. I panicked. I shouted her, no answer. I shut the car and ran round, couldn’t find her. Thought someone had taken her. A minute passed and I’m panicking. Started shouting like a crazy person and then I could hear a faint “mummy where are you”. I was running round and saw her bright yellow cardigan through the bushes. I assume she had run through a gap in the hedge as she was in a different car park walking round upset. When I got her she said she lost the car and lost her mummy.
I got her in the car, started driving then just started shaking like mad. Tears and irrational thoughts filled my head. So I went to the nearest children’s centre and hid in the sensory room to feel safe and process it all.
Lily-May isn’t a kid that runs off usually, so this caught me off guard completely.
Omg it was so scary. Honestly thought she had been taken.
Drawback to slings, I can’t put her in first when Arthur is in the sling, so now she’s got to hold my leg when I put him in the car.

In the sensory room we sat on a big snail and a hungry caterpillar!

So, after that drama we stayed indoors. We read a book on things to do outdoors for the next few days and decided to turn off cbeebies to watch a documentary on wildlife instead. Lily-May really enjoyed it.

Lions, rhinos and elephants are her favourite animals today!

At one point she opened the back door just to watch the rain, then ventured into the back garden to stand barefoot and look up at the rain laughing. I wish I had taken a photo, but I didn’t have my phone on me.

Overall, we still had elements of our 30 days wild even if it was a random off plan day!

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