The History of a Former Fat Guy

I’m a father of 2 beautiful kids with a beautiful wife and a well behaved dog. I’m happy. Not so long ago I was fat. On February 6th, 2019 I stepped onto the scale and was horrified at what I saw! I had never been as big as I was at that moment. It was time for a change.

Let me take you on a quick journeys on how I went from a lean high school athlete to a chubby adult man.

All throughout high school I was a lean 150lbs. My college job was very physical and I stayed lean but packed on some muscle putting me around 170lbs. I started the gain of a little muscle and a little fat and hung out around 180lbs.

Then I got sick. I spent 3 days in hospital and found out I had crone’s disease. Crone’s disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes bowel issues and discomfort. The treatment was simple. Just a couple pills every night and it kept me healthy. This was great, I could eat and not feel crappy. I didn’t realize it but not feeling great was actually keeping my portion sizes in check. So feeling better actually had a down side.

5 years later and I was 215lbs and still happy with my weight I know I have some work to do and I’m getting Married! Fiancé and I have move from BC to Alberta together and she has started and just finished her masters degree in physiology and I’m working as an Engineering Technologist for an oil company.

I start working out with a person trainer and the weight just falls off. I looked good at my wedding. I dropped down to a muscly 190lbs and we had a great wedding in Mexico.

One thing you need to know is working with a personal trainer is expensive. I learned a lot working with him but it was time to start being a little financially responsible.

3 years later Wifey and I are still in our little apartment downtown Edmonton and we are truly living like DINKs (double income no kids) I have tried CrossFit, Muay Thai kickboxing, and have started playing rugby for the first time since high school. Thing a going well, then my crone’s happens. I wake up in the middle of the night in unimaginable pain and my wife drives my to the hospital. I had a perforated bowl and needed surgery.

When I woke up I had a gnarly wound and an ostamy bag stuck to my abdomen. I left the hospital a tiny 155lb man using a cane. I spend 14 months struggling with my ostamy and trying to keep my weight on. My ostamy made food absorption difficult and i had to consume massive quantities of food just to keep my weight up. I was eating extra meals, marshmallows a bedtime I was living it up. Life was hard with the ostamy so the little pleasures of food was a highlight of that difficult time.

Ostamy reversal! I was fortunate to have my ostamy undone and get back to a normal life. My second surgery was much better than the first. Being healthy made the recovery a lot easier and faster. My new challenge not to over eat because I’m hungry all the time. I got from a lean 170 to 200 way to fast.

My weight had slowly crept up over the years and I had gotten comfortable with my body being a little fat. Then my wife got pregnant and I happily supported her through all the craving and weight gain. Then she gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. All of a sudden she was small again and I was still fat… I was fortunate to have to opportunity to take some paternity leave and I used that time to start getting fit again. I was starting to make some progress losing some of the baby fat and then it was time to got back to work.

We got into another comfortable routine and then it happened… she got pregnant again… she was very up front with me this time and said “you got a little fat last time, let’s not have a repeat”. So what did I do? The exact same thing. Except this time I was a little heavier to begin with.

We had our second healthy baby and things were great, a little crazy at home, but great none the less. Again, I got comfortable with the weight I was at, and happily picked up dinner for myself and my breastfeeding wife. We had takeout probably 3-4 times a week from the plethora or quick and delicious options in our house. By the time my wife’s maternity leave was coming to an end I had crept up again to a weight I wasn’t happy with, but wasn’t so bad in my eyes.

Jump to February 6th…. 228.8lbs. I decided then and there that I would never be in the 230’s. That was the day I decided that I was tired of being fat.

My journey started February 7th.

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