Macro Texture

Hello everyone and welcome back to another one of my blog posts! Today I will be talking about Macro Textures and how I have achieved this. Macro Textures are pictures with a lot of detail and very close up to a subject. Photographers mostly do macro pictures of flowers and very small things like insects. What I have done was an dog and let me tell you that this might of taken a while to take.

I decided to take a very close up picture of the dogs nose because I think that a dogs nose has a lot of detail to be shown and sometimes people miss that detail when looking at a dog. After multiple attempts of getting the dogs attention and trying to take the perfect shot, I have finally got it! It was a very difficult photo because dogs cannot understand us and are very stubborn sometimes. Either way, when I got the picture I noticed that there was a lot of background distractions so I decided to take it all away so the viewer can only focus on the dog itself and the texture on him.

By doing this I went to Photoshop and selected the background and replaced it all with a black background. Then I noticed that the dog with colour just didn’t fit in as much with the black background because he was so colorful and bright. So for this I decided to make him black and white because it just fit perfectly to what I wanted and still kept that perfect detail on him. A few things that I noticed now about this picture was the there are some spots around the dog that are really annoying they are hard to see, but in my eyes this photo is bad because of it. But overall think I did an amazing job with the picture.

Macro is something hard to do because you have to try and get has much detail as possible on the subject and you have to be very close up to it. A lot of photographers can risk themselves on doing Macro on animals because you might not know how they will react to a camera being pointed right at them. Either way, I appreciate all of the support from all of you and hopefully you will see me again, hopefully a lot more earlier because I keep on promising every time, but I am always busy. So, again thanks for reading my blog and I will see you around, bye!

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