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Well, this is not about my train journey from Delhi to Chennai, neither a part of my tourism trip but much more. It’s about my life’s journey from Delhi to Chennai.

It was a happy and excited
atmosphere all around with me exchanging ring with my soul mate. It was a
typical arranged marriage with me and my soul mate both being North Indians.
But, his present job role was based at Chennai. My office in Delhi, had its branch
in Chennai too and to everyone it appeared all set with just an internal
transfer for me within the same company.

But, behind all these “all set”
theories was my mind, overcrowded with thoughts and my emotions blended with
excitement, nervousness and questions all at the same time.

How I being a Delhi-ite gal will
accommodate for a totally new lifestyle in Chennai? I am an avid traveler and
keen observant and I love and respect knowing different cultures and lifestyles
but still moving to Chennai for settling there was giving me Goosebumps. With
me being fond of travelling, my interest in moving around, enjoying and having
fun embedded in my daily routine, I felt that Delhi gives me a great
metropolitan environment and a free lifestyle. Chennai, on the other hand was
not appealing to me as a happening place and I felt as if I will now be part of
a conservative culture. For me it was as bad as being imprisoned. But, the
other part of my mind kept on saying it’s not wise to be judgmental so soon.
With my own thoughts on a battle every day, my wedding day came and finally it
was time to pack up from Delhi. With heavy heart, I was bidding Adieu to one
phase of my life and with anxious emotions I was moving to start the new
chapter of my life.

“Vanakkam Chennai”
– Means, Good Morning or Namastay Chennai.

This is how I was welcomed in

After a couple of days, I joined
my Chennai office, I found everyone so warm, good and cooperative & my head
started feeling a little lighter after months of load and presumptions of what
lies ahead. Trust me, I never ever imagined the people can be so helpful and
supportive, I met simplest of the people in this city. They made me so
comfortable and gave me time to settle down smoothly. Soon after, I started
enjoying the peaceful & serene atmosphere with simple, honest people all
around. No show-offs, no rat race and no artificial masks, everything appeared
so pure and crystal clear, I started loving it.

On the other hand my husband, my
buddy did made each day special for me by taking me to different places.  We used to explore every day from beaches to
roof-top cafes. Walking next to Marina Beach (Asia’s second largest beach) at
moon light , sharing an ice-cream together and those “Gajra’s” (Jasmine
flowers) around the hair spreading sweet fragrance , with slow music make our
long walks the most cherishable time. It’s all so refreshing. I can never ever
imagine experiencing this in Delhi. The refreshing breeze & the spectacular
sights of sunrise & sunsets are so addictive, that you will have the urge
to experience it again and again. The city is so safe and clean, it didn’t
mattered if I was alone or accompanied, and I can go for a beach side walk
whenever I want. I simply fell in love with Marina Beach.

We often visit different cafes
like Wild Garden- The Café at Amethyst, Santé Spa Cuisine, Chamiers Café and
Ashvita Bristo with amazing ambiance and food and Rain tree rooftop are some of
the best places to hang around. And the best part is mini idlis and ghee podi
dosa at Murugan Idli with cup of filter coffee and Ratna Café …Yummy…!!

Chennai is so famous for its old
and heritage temples like Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar temple, Ashtalakshmi temple
and others and I enjoyed visiting these places. The intricate architecture ,
the serene and positive atmosphere, the different ways of worshipping same God
, the “Prasadam” , enlivens the devotion & faith in God and reminds us how
we stay united even with the differences. A true confluence of unity in
diversity is seen at such places.

With me fond of shopping too, I
enjoyed to have an opportunity of selecting Traditional Silk Sarees and Kanjivaram
 Silk Sarees from a lovely huge
collection at T Nagar at places likes Nallis, Pothy Silks, Sundari Silks, Palam
Silks, Sri Kumaran Silks. You will get amazing hand-woven traditional Sarees at
Kanchipuram. One of the best sarees, that  you can ever get in the world at cheapest

Chennai is gateways to weekend
movies. I have been watching one movie a week since last 5 years at Sathyam Cinema
as Tamil Nadu is the cheapest. And wonder is when Ranjikant (the most famous
actor of South India) movie is released. All local-ites are crazy performing
Pooja and dancing on the streets.

Beach walks…, having coconut
water at cheapest price in any part of Chennai.., going on long drives on
weekend to Mahabalipuram, Kovalam and Pondicherry…, it started appearing so
happening to me. Chennai is surrounded by so many weekend Gateways. Those
Catamaran rides, kayaking and surf turf, there is so much stuff to do. With
peaceful environment and fresh air, distance don’t kill us unlike any other
parts of India.

Best is when someone calls you “Amma”
or “Anna”. I also gave a try, speaking a bit of Tamil, but my accent makes it a
crazy word that neither my office colleagues nor local market people or taxi
drivers understand. But, I do keep giving it a try now and then.

There is so much more to tell
about Chennai and we will surely share these experiences soon. Stay connected
on our travel journey to stay tuned with our in-depth , extraordinary, amazing
experiences that we will be posting.

For now, I want to conclude

“Manadhai Mayakiya

Love you Chennai for giving me
this fresh breeze and refreshing experience, Love you for providing me a
comfortable lap, Love you for giving me these cherishing moments , Love you for
adding beauty to my married life , Love you for wiping away all my anxieties
with love and addiction to walk on beaches , Love you for everything !!



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