One of the most amazing things about Munich, for me, was, is and will always be the U-Bahns that lie beneath this amazing city. To me, these U-Bahn stations are more like nodes that hold a lot of important memories. Like the station that I used every day to travel to work. The station which had my favourite Chinese restaurant. The station where I would pick my husband up from. The station which I loved just because. The station near my favourite sushi place. The station where I cried because life got just too much. The station where I got a call about a new project. And so many more.

So obviously I wanted to catalogue these stations which I have loved, in the city that I have lived for a year. I did this to serve as memorabilia as a testament to the wonderful year I spent living in Munich.

As soon as you register yourself as a resident of the city, you get a welcome package from the city with maps, time tables and smaller maps with places of attractions along the U Bahns. The maps really help when you are trying to navigate your way through the city as a newbie and want to get from point A to B in the quickest way possible. Munich has a good network of U-Bahns, S-Bahns, Trams and Busses which cover the city like a spiders web.

The map of Munich that you will receive is super huge and very detailed. If you do live in Munich, you will end up travelling via 50% of the stations in U-Bahn. If you are a crazy person like me, you will probably ride the subway just to see the stations.

My project to photograph the U-Bahn stations of Munich began in a simple way and my photographs, in the beginning, were “Okay” at best.

Nothing less and certainly nothing more. Soon, I began looking up photographers who have photographed Munich Underground before and I saw the angles with which they captured the photographs, the lighting, the movement of the people and the trains. These photographs gave me a new perspective and made me experiment with my photography.

And the experimentation resulted in some amazing photographs. Even though some of them were clicked on my phone and the quality is not top notch, I completely loved photographing the underground stations!

Like all things amazing, I have to admit that, not all stations are unusual with different or unique architecture. There are some plain and simple and I have tried to photograph them with as a different perspective as possible.

The only way that I could complete this project was to leave it incomplete. By doing so I have reasons to go back to Munich. I have reasons to look forward to taking more photographs. I have reasons to visit my favourite spots in the city.

By leaving it incomplete I get to leave it the way the city is. Incomplete. Unfinished. Imperfect. Flawed. And my Home.

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