Harper’s Ferry, John Brown and slavery

evening’s travel post is being written while I watch the washing machine count
down it’s cycle. We arrived in Harper’s Ferry around 2.00pm after a fairly
tense drive along the highway. It’s no issue as Derek is very settled into
driving on the opposite side of the road but being in the correct lane at the
right moment takes concentration.

The drive
was fine and we scooted up a couple of major highways to finally turned off to find
ourselves driving through equestrian country and wineries within the shadow of
the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can feel yourself singing the old John Denver
classics ….’Country road, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia, Blue
Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River’!

Harper’s Ferry is on the junction of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. It’s historically significant in the Civil War and is a beautiful township that we’ll explore tomorrow. Emancipationist John Brown (also well-known from the song) gathered his company soldiers made up of freed slaves here and attempted a slave uprising – unsuccessfully. However, this was the beginning of the emancipation movement to free the slaves and the commencement of the Civil War.

It’s also
on the Appalachian Trail which is the famous walking trail that runs the length
of the Appalachian Mountains. Featured in Bill Bryson’s book and film ‘A Walk
in the Woods’ which we loved but can guarantee it wouldn’t suit the younger
generation of our family! We called into the Trail Check-in where hikers stamp
their trail passports and hope to test out our hiking poles on it tomorrow when
we’re not so tired. The driving and navigating in heavy traffic was pretty

staying in a KOA park (Kamps Of America) this evening. We’re still in a lovely
bushy park but have families, swimming pool, games room etc here rather than
the tranquility of squirrels, fireflies and colourful birds. They provide a ‘free’
pancake and bacon breakfast tomorrow which will be a good start to the day.
Laundry’s washed and dried – gotta go.

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