Life’s a Beach

The one thing that seems to allude people about the state of Alabama is that there is a whole other state within the state itself. Having lived here in Lower Alabama (L.A. for short), I have realized that we are quite unlike any other part of Alabama. Sure, we share the license plates and laws, but as far as vibe goes… well we are as different as day and night. Our beaches are just as white and majestic as those in Florida, and our food marries the seaport lifestyle of the Gulf with the cajun spice of New Orleans. Lower Alabama is a Geographical Epcot center that is perfect for families or lovers looking for an exciting getaway.

You may not believe me, but as the sign says going into Gulf Shores, it really is a small town with a big beach! Even without considering all of the wonderful amenities this place has to offer, just the breathtaking sunset on the beach alone is worth the trip. I myself am not a fan of Alabama as a whole, but L.A stands as its own personal oasis away from it all. It is its own little promised land, for which the price of admission means one must only have to brave the rush hour traffic of either Montgomery or Birmingham to get here.

Also I must point out, if you are a stifler to beaches and must have the sand and water just so before you can enjoy your vacation, I am here to tell you that L.A offers a handful of beaches for your exploration and consideration. Whether its the Bay of Mobile, the Gulf Shores, or the Orange Beach you can always find a sandy place to relax in the sun. I guarantee it will make the whole family happy!

Almost every beach destination has fun things for the family to do, and L.A is not short in that respect, but the real highlight here has to be the food. Coming down here, there was such a cornucopia of options for places to eat that my family and I did not know where to begin. Currently we are in the market looking for the perfect Chinese place. We have already found our Japanese and Mexican staples, but more on that later. Looking for those places took up so much of our time that we have not even begun to look for Italian, Jamaican, or Cajun food, but we have received several recommendations. One could say we are just like Epcot in that you can experience a whole world of culture while you are here and not even leave the county. Join me as I chronicle my adventures here in L.A and see where we all end up!

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