Teenage Dutch rape victim not euthanized, contrary to reports

Due to a mistranslation of the Dutch source material, the publish-now-edit-later nature of modern newsmedia, and perhaps a smidgen of hand-rubbing over the practice of euthanasia, everyone is falsely reporting today that a Dutch teenager was put to death with the consent of the state.

Naomi O’Leary, on Twitter:

A 17-year-old rape victim was NOT euthanised in the Netherlands. @euronews @Independent @DailyMailUK @dailybeast are all wrong It took me about 10 mins to check with the reporter who wrote the original Dutch story. Noa Pothoven asked for euthanasia and was refused. Infuriatingly, it’s too late: this misinformation has already spread all over the world from Australia to the United States to India. Her name, #noapothoven is even trending in Italy. I spoke to Paul Bolwerk, a reporter who has been covering the story for @DeGelderlander since 2018. Noa Pothoven had been severely ill with anorexia and other conditions for some time. Without telling her parents, she sought and was refused euthanasia … A decision to move to palliative care and not to force feed at the request of the patient is not euthanasia. Dutch media did not report Noa Pothoven’s death as a case of euthanasia. This idea only appeared in English language pickups of Dutch reporting.

The “edit fuckscramble” is afoot right now at various outlets. This is when manifestly false stories are panic-edited one word or sentence at a time and republished, each version doomed to further revision until something arguably factually correct finally results. At least if you forget what the whole point of the story was supposed to be in the first place, and choose not to worry that it’s become a pointless, lurid story about a teenager’s death.

I have surely done this myself, our every glasshouse is shattered, but let’s be straight about it all the same.

from Boing Boing https://boingboing.net/2019/06/05/teenage-dutch-rape-victim-not.html

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