May Favorites


Hey y’all!! Happy Tuesday.  I tried to get this post up for yesterday, but I couldn’t get into my blog.  Finally, last night I was able to get in and start working.  I cannot believe that it is June and we are halfway through this year basically! I’m sitting here wondering if I need to start preparing for fall and all of the events and holiday’s that will be happening.  I’m a big planner and over-achiever so I wouldn’t doubt some buying and planning over the next month.  But for now, I wanted to talk to you about a few of my favorites from May.

We decided that we wanted to eat out one night and we picked Wendy’s.  Little did I know that I would discover my new favorite drink for this summer…Peach Lemonade! Guys, this drink is amazing.  I will say, though, that if you don’t like drinks that are kind of sweet..this won’t be the drink for you.

I love my Sam Edelman sandals.  You can but them at a discount here.  They are great if you want to wear a dress…but they also look great with shorts or skinny jeans.  They are super comfy and I love the fit.  I have a wider foot, so I cannot wear a lot of sandals.  I love buying shoes from 6 p.m. shoes because you always get a great deal.  I buy most of my designer brands from this website because it is very budget friendly.

I’ve been wearing my Lokai bracelet basically every day since getting it for Mother’s Day.  It was a special Mother’s Day edition, which is still available on their website here.  I’ve followed their Instagram feed for awhile and saw this bracelet and pretty much ordered it that day.  What this company is known for are the two special beads on the bracelet.  The white bead has water from Mt. Everest, the highest place on Earth and the black bead had mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth.  The purpose is to remind you of balance in your life.  They also have other colors in case you might want something other than hearts.

My favorite earrings I purchased this month was from Amazon.  They are rainbow beaded earrings and you can purchase them here. These are so versatile because of the amazing colors.  They are great with solid color shirts, even t-shirts can go with these earrings.  I’m going to have to get a separate jewelry case for just my beaded earrings.

I’ve also been doing a lot of local shopping lately.  We recently went through Sulphur and I got to stop at Bromide Mountain Co.  I follow this shop on Instagram and have been dying to visit.  I love the window decals they have on the outside of their shop.  They also have the old fashioned tile entry that is so very cool.  They also have the best smelling candles there, the whole shop smelled amazing!  There are so many great things here, lots of items for the lake and they also have a great selection of Patagonia items for sale.  I cannot wait to go back and get more stuff.  There will also be a post soon about this shop.

It still seems so crazy that I am already writing you about May.  I’m not ready to dive into summer.  Seems like we were just celebrating New Year’s.  I’m going to have lots of great content on here and on my Instagram this summer.  We are going to have lots of fun y’all!

Talk to y’all next time!! xoxo Shannon

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