My Beach Holiday Essentials!

Wow, the past couple of months have been crazy! It feels like March turned in to May and now we are halfway through the year!!!

I have so much to share with you! Let’s rewind to the first week of April.

I was blessed to have a 2-week holiday traveling around Thailand! A dream I have had for a long time! Yay, one ticked off my bucket list!

This blog is all about my holiday essentials.

  1. Eyeliner- Kiko Definition EyeLiner (Waterproof)

I cannot go on holiday without a good waterproof eyeliner. I have always struggled with this and have tried and tested most waterproof eyeliners with a reasonable price but they have all epically failed in finding one that meets my needs! I always get disappointed as most of them streak, chip off, end up halfway down your face, smudge or melt in the heat #thestrugglewasreal. Until this beauty turned up in my life! It is a liquid liner that applies smoothly on the eye. The brush is thin enough to get those nice thin lines, on point points and flicks! The liner is actually waterproof. 20190409_083313No streaks, smudges or chips/ peel offs. It is so waterproof that I was able to spend 12 hours in the sun going from pool to sea and it also stayed in place during a street water fight for Songkran (Thai New Year). Winning!!! The only down-side is that it clumps around the top of the bottle easily, so you need to keep cleaning the bottle. I think that is a small price to pay for a liner this good! You also need a good remover to remove it. I don’t think I could ever not have this eyeliner in my life!

Click here for Kiko eyeliner

  1. Hair Care- LUSH Avocado Co-Wash wash bar

Usually, I use a normal shampoo and conditioner on holiday. I discovered this new Avocado Co-wash bar in LUSH and will never go on a beach holiday without it again. It is expensive but so worth it! My hair stayed silky smooth throughout the holiday and when I came back, I didn’t have to repair damaged hair! The most special things about the product are that it’s natural and environmentally friendly without plastic packaging! I now use the shampoo bars and conditioner bars which are surprisingly simple and easy to use.

Click here for Avocado Co-Wash

  1. Organisation- Luggage Organisers

Luggage organisersLuggage organisers are the game changer to packing and traveling! You can find them easily online. They are reasonably priced on eBay and are good quality too! I can’t travel without them. I was able to organise my life before going away and live out of my suitcase for 2 weeks whilst away. I simply rolled my clothes and put them in the larger bags. My feet are too big for the shoe bag so my shoes went in normal tote bags. My toiletries went in one of the smaller bags so did cosmetics and accessories. I literally ended up taking the perfect amount of clothes and managed to wear everything I took with me. My luggage was the perfect weight. I even had enough space and weight allowance to bring things back with me. The most important thing is that I knew exactly what I had, where it was and was able to access everything without stress! I was living my best life!

  1. Sun protection- Nivea kids

This is a tricky subject for me as I will not risk being in the sun without a high sun protector. Unfortunately, I took Garnier Ambre Solaire, Clear Protect Sun, SPF 50. What a big mistake! On the first day, I got burnt although I was applying this all throughout the day. Looking on the back of the bottle it states in very small camouflaged writing that it is not to be used on the face or on children as it contains alcohol. WTF!!! Why would they put alcohol in something that is supposed to protect you from the sun! They have big bold statements on the front claiming to be SPF50, Advanced UVA UVB Protection, Protection spray and so on, but no big bold warning that it is not as protective as you think. I had to use Nivea for the rest of the holiday which did not make me burn and was as protective as it said it was on the bottle. I am now on the hunt for a sun cream that is 50+ protective UVA UVB, water resistant, ocean-friendly product but for again, a reasonable price! If anyone knows of any genuinely protective lotions that I could try out, holla!

  1. Swimwear- Primark Swimsuit

Primark swim suitSwimwear has always been problematic for me as I never seem to get one that fits in all the right places. I have been blessed with massive boobs, a tiny waist, the belly of Lord Ganesh and the bum of a hippo not to mention the width span of my hips. As you can imagine, it’s a task and a half getting an all in one that doesn’t have something popping out! Well, Primark has come to the rescue. This swimsuit fits in all the right places with pure comfort! The material is soft and lovely, and I didn’t get those red strap marks on my shoulders! There is also a non-underwired bra attached so that you get the support of a comfortable sports bra inside! I loved this so much that I got it in 2 colours allowing me to alternate them throughout the holiday! At £12 you can’t go wrong, especially as I went swimming everyday and the swimsuits are not discoloured or falling apart so the quality is good too!

  1. Hygiene- Superdrug hand sanitiser

I cannot leave the house without my hand sanitiser let alone go traveling without it. My most favourite hand sanitiser is the strawberry & rasberry hand gel from Superdrug (their own brand) it smells delicious, isn’t expensive and does the job! I also have to have my Cetaphil facewash and cream to keep my face clean.

Click here for hand sanitiser

These are all my beach/ sun holiday essentials on top of the obvious, currency, money and passport. I hope you enjoyed them and if you use any of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Any suggestions about sun care would be most welcome as I am on the hunt now!

Have a great week! I’ll be back with more about what’s been going on over the past couple of months!

Big Love xx

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