Week 1: You have to start somewhere. I start with chickpeas.

Week one of my $5 lunch project has begun. I had planned to procrastinate a bit longer, but my husband has gone and done the monthly budget and he is A N G R Y so my thrifty hand has been forced.

After a brief panic and therapeutic reddit-click-around, I finally pulled my finger out, closed my eyes and blindly picked chickpeas as a hero ingredient.

In full honestly, I have no love for chickpeas, but they seem cheap (Cheap-peas?) and are included in a lot of the recipes I’ve been peepin’. They are also a great source of fibre, so even if my lunch plans fail, my toilet habits should be in tip top shape.

Then I
realised one can would only cover two meals, so to keep my chic chick theme
going, I hit the deli and supplemented my chick-peas with some chick-en.

Except I
didn’t really do that because the loaf chicken they sell at the Woolworths deli
is an abomination. So, I got shaved turkey breast instead. But it’s close
enough for jazz.  

planned to make the following things for lunch (I’m only working four days this

  1. Chickpea and greek yoghurt pita with
  2. Pita bread pizza with cheese, red
    onion, roast deli turkey and some random sauce I find in the work pantry
  3. Pita quesadilla (say that 10 times
    fast) with the above ingredients.
  4. Chickpea salad with chickpeas,
    rocket, red onion, cheese, any left over yoghurt and any left over chicken. I
    am not confident that this will be delicious.

I am fresh
from a frigid run to Woolworths to pick up supplies from my list. Honestly it’s
so cold today. My lips chapped right off.

And this is
what I got:

Love me, love my list
And pictured above, in a nightmarish flat lay that defies logic (this is pretty much how I threw the ingredients on the work bench). It’s offensive to my eyes .

This came
in at $21, so I’m over budget –  and honestly
it already feels like I’ve purchased too many ingredients. How am I going to
use all that cheese? I bought the smallest package available, but already it
feels like too much.

And I’m not
sure where the avocado fits in? I am a millennial so I guess it fits in
everywhere including in my shattered dreams of home ownership without a million
dollar mortgage.

Oh well, all that’s left to do now is to make the food and test out this list, with yummy lunches all week lonnnnggg.

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