Max & E. Michael Jones: Modern Atheism, and Where It Comes From point?

This is a video I mirrored from Red Pill Religion’s YouTube channel, featuring the editor of Culture Wars magazine, E. Michael Jones.

Jones is a Catholic of the Jesuit Order, and a former professor at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana.

He is well-known for his critical views on 60s counterculture, feminism, the Jewish identity, and Israel. His book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History goes into detail on the ways in which the Jewish rejection of Christian logos has fueled chaotic events, and contributed to mass social and cultural degeneration.

He has also been labeled antisemitic by groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

While I do not necessarily agree with all of his views I’ve read and heard on Jewish identity, I do agree with the tendency for Jews to fall into chaotic patterns due to the rejection of Christian logos. And I have also had my own personal experiences with this, as it relates to the continuation of counterculture after the 60s.

Having also researched various occultist philosophies I also discovered there is a very clear and well-defined connection between rejection of logos, atheism, postmodernist philosophy, and chaos magic, as practiced by individuals such as Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, who was also an ethnic and secularist Jew.

Among other notable ethnic Jews were Sidney Gottlieb, who was the head of CIA’s Project MKUltra. For anyone reading who is unfamiliar with Project MKUltra, there is a significant amount of documented evidence available that shows a very clear relationship between MKUltra and its various sub-projects, weaponized anthropology, and counterculture. Some have also pointed out examples of how it never ended.

Erich Fromm was another secularist Jew who was very influential in founding the field of psychoanalysis and was also an associate of the highly influential Frankfurt School, which centers itself around social research and critical theory. The Frankfurt School was also very influential in advancing Marxism in western countries. And, of course, Karl Marx was also an ethnic Jew.

There are, of course, many more examples I could cite. And I anticipate on doing so in future blog posts and videos.

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