After two years of learning all about the “spiritual” world, I reached a theory that helps me become a better person each day and to feel good with myself. I start from the basis of “the only thing i know is that I don’t know anything” and that obviously, I was not there in the beginning of times nor can I know with total security that what I’m telling you next is true. I reiterate, this is what helps me.

The universe (God, Alah, Jehová, everything’s origin) cannot be define, we could initially see it as a big mass of everything, without a beginning or an end. The universe is in a state of oneness. There is no separation whatsoever. The minute the universe asks “what am I?” fragmentation occurs, since it is contradicting the first affirmation that says that it cannot be defined. This fracture on itself looks like a cell that is dividing constantly and uncontrollably. It is painful, but the mere act to call it “painful” makes it divide again. The universe has divided itself so much that we now perceive “I” and “the rest”. He have come to Earth to experience a human life and we do it in a specific time and place. This way, the universe keeps expanding because we learn and evolve; and to a certain extent we try to go back to feel like a part of the “everything”. In the same way, animals and plants are part of the universe, but the way they manifest on Earth is more pure and does not have an “ego” or part that judges or intelligence as human do.

We live in a universe which is expanding. This energy of expansion works with the law of attraction: in order to attract certain energy, you need to match that frequency. It can be said that the universe acts like a mirror; the energy you give is what you receive. We can perceive this energy, not only in the universe but also in ourselves. The energies that manifest can be seen or felt, if you are sensitive enough. There are people able to see auras (soul/energy surrounding a person/chakras), others who feel the emotions of people surrounding them (empaths) and even people who see souls of people who have died in the realm we all see, but have gotten stuck in an intermediate realm for a reason (ghosts, angels…). Humans have a physical body, an energetic body (chakras, Chinese meridians) and another spiritual (Higher Self, connected to the collective consciousness).

On another note, no one has come back from the dead to tell us what happens exactly, but there are quite a few evidences of people who remember past lives. People surrounding us might have come from a joint past live or might not, but they are always in our life to teach us something, so that you end up being the best person you can possibly be. Maybe the family you are born into has a trauma that has lasted for generations. If you notice, it is possible that you need to stop it or do something about it. There are also people who believe in “soul mates”. There are different types, it doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship. There are people with whom we click instantly and feel like we’ve known them forever (soul friend) and we might know them from a previous life. Some people who hurt us might have a common past life with us in which we hurt them (karma). In terms of romantic relationships, sometimes one of the souls is not ready and others none is ready and even if doesn’t work out, they teach us the greatest lesson.

We live in a society that has forgotten all about spirituality and only focuses on the physical. However, it is all an illusion (Matrix). Race, nationality, religion, gender, gender roles, sexuality are things that separates us. We are all part of the universe and we are all one. Everything is connected. From here, you can understand that if you hurt yourself, you hurt the rest of the collective (from the physical things we can perceive (nature, animals, humans) to energies we can’t perceive physically (I don’t think we are the only ones in the universe)) and viceversa.

Everything happens for a reason: you can always learn something and through those teachings, the universe tries to get back to oneness.

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