The Desert

Polish comes from the cities; wisdom from the desert.

~ Frank Herbert

Wash/Canyon back Constellation Road

This wash/canyon can be found at the first switchback after Constellation Road turns to dirt. Not really clear in my Atlas but possibly a section of Cemetery Wash. If you are local and know for sure please drop me a line.

I love nothing more than time spent alone in the desert. I’ve experienced the polish of the city. I lived it for decades. It jaded me. It tarnished me. It very nearly ruined me. The wisdom I’ve gained from time spent in the desert is immeasurable.

The desert bares my soul every time I walk alone. It reaches inside me and releases my spirit. I shake off the stress, the guilt, the shame, the past, the anxiety, the pain. I leave it all in the desert with God. I am a different person since moving here, a better person, a balanced person, a happy person, a wiser person.

Rattlesnake (Western Diamondback or possibly a Mohave)

Came across this fella out on Constellation Road. I sent this photo to a place for species confirmation and never heard back from them. This rattlesnake has the coloring on his body of a Western Diamondback but the coloring of the bands on his rattle are more like a Mohave Rattlesnake. Drop me a line if you can properly identify him.


Peace, blessings, & red lipstick,


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