Egyptian Mythology – Energy Reading

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally got some information legible enough about Egyptian Mythology. It’s a subject I am very unversed in, and I’m not going to pretend I know very much about it, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to give you as much information as I was hoping. I kept finding conflicting information and there is a lot of mystery and lost collective memories in regards to Egypt. If you know of any resources I could read further, I’ll definitely be able to make this list longer. However that’s hard to do when I don’t have much personal involvement in something and can’t find much information that’s trustworthy enough to be able to do an energy reading on it.

With that in mind, here is what I was able to figure out.

They are divided the same way the Greek Mythology post is. I’ll avoid being redundant so if you aren’t sure what I mean by a certain label, check out the other post as well, yeah?

Real Energies
Aker – Earth god, guarding the gates of dawn that the sun rose from. The idea of the horizon. He is based off encounters with a pleiadian that visited a very long time ago. Also the same energy of Momus in Greek Mythology, though based off different encounters.

Ammit – She ate the souls of those found to be unworthy, and is based on encounters with military pleiadians.

Anqet – Goddess of the Island of Sahal (originally from Sudan), she’s based off an ascended Lemurian visiting Earth again.

Anubis – Jackal god of mummification. He’s based off encounters with a reptilian leader of a rebel movement in Drahana’d known as the Kemis.

Bat – Cow goddess and related to the milky way. She is based off a channeler life of the same energy as Hecate in Greek Mythology.

Bes – God of childbirth, fertility, sexuality, humor and war.As well as the protector of children and pregnant women. Based on similar energy to that of Pan, however also of the idea of brownies (a type of fae) and dwarfs as things went on.

Djehuti/Thoth – Crane god of wisdom and writing. Despite his relations to Hermes in history, he is the same energy as Dionysus, twin flames with Hermes. The ideas of Thoth and Dionysus come from encounters with the same life of this energy, just different accounts of him. He was also involved with the Kemis.

Horus – Falcon god of sky. He’s based off a life of an energy who is pleiadian and reptilian, and was key in joining different groups in military efforts.

Khonsu – God of the moon, moonlight and time. He is based off a Lemurian military leader.

Osiris – God of life, death, and the after life. His story is based off of different mythologies and stories that were prevalent at the time, specifically. However originally he was the life of a pleiadian. Similar with Djehuti with Dionysus and Zephyrus.

Personifications of Ideas
Bastet – Cat goddess, and created around the idea of magickal connections through the different planes.

Aten -Sun god, the same idea as Helios.

Imsety – The south, protected the liver in the canopic jars. He was depicted as human.
Duamutef – The east, protected the stomach. He was depicted as a jackel.
Hapi – The north, protected the lungs. He was depicted as a baboon.
Qebehsenuef – The west, protected the intestines. He was depicted as a hawk.
These four are similar to the ideas of the four pillars in Greek Mythology. These were based off Arcturian teachings of philosophy that they regularly told human beings at the time. However, some stories of the four winds may have been added as well.

Khepri – Just another version of Ra/Amon.

Amon – The God of Thebes, and god of the winds. Both a political statement, as well as having ties to that of the Greek God Zeus, as they are both considered the kings of their respective religions. The patriarchal deities usually represent the idea of alien influence on Earth.

Apep – A huge serpent living in the celestial Nile, the reptilian military

Khnum – Ram god of the Nile, meant to unify those that worked with the Nile.

Tales of Morality
The Ennead – A group of nine gods, the number nine being important due to it’s affiliation with the ideas of Karma and cosmic energies.

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