Well hello!

Welcome to CL mumlife my personal blog to keep memories and keep track of my new mommy moments. You will probably also find pull my hair out moments, DIY projects and a TON of photos of the girlies. This is my first time writing a blog but I have so many notes in my phone and notes in my agenda I want to keep them in one spot and well hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them.

Allow my to introduce myself, my name is Jasmine Rose. I’m about to have my big 3-0 birthday this week. Eeeeeek! I’m feeling very old but ready to face the next stage of my life. In the last few years so many things have happened and I realised that I wanted a way to document them. I am in no way a writer and I actually struggled with it in school but I enjoy being creative. 

My family

I have the most amazing boyfriend Jeff. We have a strong and amazing relationship and we are head over heals for each other. All of the stuff we have been just seen to make us so much stronger. Jeffy is a loving, caring and hard working man. He always goes above and beyond for myself and our girls. 

Our first girl is Claira. She is Jeff’s daughter from another relationship and will be 8 this summer. She is the sweetest little girl. She’s also strong and caring just like her daddy. She has become the best big sister in the world too. 

Shortly into our relationship, Jeff and I found out I was expecting. In December of last year we brought Lucy into this world. She is the happiest baby I have ever seen, seriously ever. She sleeps so well and always has a smile on her face. 

I loving being in their lives. They bring Jeffy and I so much happiest and love. They complete us and bring us so much joy. Being Lucy Mum and playing a big role is Claira’s life is all I have ever wanted.

My vision 

In our lives we have had a few curve balls to put it lightly. On this blog I want it to be a creative outlet for me. I would like to document our daughters and our lives. They are growing so fast and I want more than just photos. I also want to document my weight loss journey. I would like to write about having a baby, how that changes our life and favourite products. There is just so much and I hope it will interest you. 

I’ll hope you stick around and watch it unfold. 

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