TN Christian Prosecutor: Gay People Don’t Deserve Domestic Violence Protections

Again a religious ideologue who pushed his way into political position to force his religious views on everyone.   He doesn’t care about the law, only his religion.   He doesn’t see the hypocrisy of claiming those his religion disagrees with as “special rights” while demanding special rights for his religion.   I am not a hateful person, I am not an angry person, but after 50 years of this same fight I struggle not to react with anger and hate with these people.  Hugs

TN Christian Prosecutor: Gay People Don’t Deserve Domestic Violence Protections

According to a sermon he gave at the 2018 Chafer Theological Seminary Bible Conference — but which is only getting attention now — Northcott was explaining the difficulties he faced as a result of the marriage equality decision by the Supreme Court. One of them was the decision of whether to prosecute a case of assault as “domestic violence” — a charge that carries a greater possible punishment — when the couple in question was in a same-sex marriage.

… the social engineers on the Supreme Court decided that we now have homosexual marriage. I disagree with them. What do I do with domestic assaults?… The reason that there’s [enhanced] punishment on domestic [violence] is to recognize and protect the sanctity of marriage. And I said there’s no marriage to protect. So I don’t prosecute them as domestics.

He told the crowd that decisions like this were precisely why they should always “elect a good Christian DA.” It’s hard to make sense of that since his theology overrides the law. That means he has no business being in a position where his job is to prosecute people who break the rules. The law means nothing if you think your religion gives you permission to break the rules — or, in this case, not apply them.

How can you dismiss the Supreme Court as activist judges when you yourself refuse to follow the law because you just don’t feel like it?


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