Nottingham Reunion After 14 Years

One of the highlight of my life was the time that I spent in Nottingham. I did my master and Ph.D degrees at Nottingham University from 1999 – 2004.

I have so much fond memories of my time there. The university, the environment and mostly the friends that I made.

So, when I got the chance to visit England again, I made sure to squeeze in a time to visit Nottingham.

I contacted my former supervisor, Prof. Bart MacCarthy about my plan. I used to call him Prof. MacCarthy but he insisted to call him Bart. It took a long time for me to call him that. But the fact that every body else called him Bart, I eventually got used to it. I also contacted Jane and Jo, who were both doing PhD study around the same time as me. Thankfully they were all available. Yayy!!

We travelled to Nottingham from Lancaster by train. We passed through Beeston station before the Nottingham Station.

Beeston train station. I once lived quite close to this station

The all so familiar Nottingham Train Station. Could not count how many times I came to this station over the period of 1999 – 2004

We were picked by Raras, my colleague who was taking her Ph.D at University at that time. Raras and her husband Ghofur took us to their home in Lenton which is quite close to the New Campus.

We only have limited time so we couldnt visit as many places as we would like. So we decided to meet Bart, Jane and Jo at the university. We then walked to The Business School…It was a bright sunny day, just perfect for walking.

We arrived at the uniquely shaped Library. We took a couple of pictures. But, not so long, Jane came. I am so happy to see her again after 14 years. She has not changed a bit. Jane brought an album with our pictures in it. She showed them to Ratih and Hita who were both so excited to finally met her in person. I talked about my friends at Nottingham a lot ??

All of us then headed to Bart’s office. He came down an greeted us. He looked well and cheerful as usual. So good to meet him again. He brought us to his office and we all catch up about the old days.

With Jane and Bart

Bart then treated us for lunch at the latest restaurant at the new campus. It was spaghetti and noodles for us. After lunch we headed back to the office where Bart treated us with a cuppa tea. It reminded me with the old days where we had countless tea breaks in campus. Its quite nostalgic.

After the tea I told Bart that we wanted to see the Old campus. Since Jane offered to take us, we bid our farewell to Bart. I invited him to come and have a reunion with all his former students in Southeast Asia. He seemed quite like the idea. So I am hoping that it will come true, one day ??

When we arrived at the lake in the University Park, it started drizzling. So we decided to wait at the Cafe. Jo then came and joined us. So we had another reunion over hot chocolate and cakes. Jo also brought the girls some chocolates so they were both so happy.

After the cakes we decided to stretch our legs and walked around the lake. It was such a short meeting. But I am delighted to meet them both. I hope there will be another reunion in the future for all of us.

Nottingham University Iconic Trent Building

The Beasts of Nottingham roam freely

The all new Portland Building. Look at that giant screen.

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