#WJ2019: Portion Control

Hello everyone!

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be discussing my tangle with portion control.

For a long time, I have struggled with eating proper portions and always forcing myself to eat more than I should. Rather than saving leftovers, I was eating whole pots of soup or pasta in very large amounts. Even when my stomach was hurting from being overloaded, I had to finish my plate.

Since I was used to eating such huge portions, I knew that was the first thing I needed to change. I told myself I was going to meal prep every week so I could control myself. My very first meal I prepped for the week was garlic and herb quinoa with beef tips and veggies. Let me tell you…meal prepping is not for everyone. Cooking everything separately and measuring it out just wasn’t my way to cook. Admittedly, I only lasted a solid week before I threw in the towel. But at least I got some extra Tupperware out of it.

After realizing meal prepping wasn’t going to work, I turned to what I knew – large portions. I found a recipe on Pinterest for tortellini soup and made a large pot full. Don’t worry, I was learning from my past mistakes. Instead of guzzling down the entire pot, I divided it into weekly portions. I realized that my forte lied in one-pot meals rather than cooking individual parts of a meal separately. This was a lot more doable for me. It drastically reduced the amount that I would go for fast food. In fact, I wasn’t eating any fast food at all.

Though one-pot meals are an ideal situation for myself, I knew I couldn’t stick to those alone. I had to incorporate more vegetables into my diet so I found ways to make salads more interesting. I began to include healthier fats such as nuts, eggs and avocados or using lighter dressings and fresh fruits. This made lunch a lot more refreshing and easier on my stomach. With these healthy fats and more, I was feeling fuller faster while not eating as much.

As the weeks progressed, I found myself eating significantly less than what I used to and becoming fuller quicker. For about the first 6 weeks, the pounds were melting off just from portion control alone – that’s how bad my previous meal sizes were.

As a first step, I couldn’t argue with the results and couldn’t wait to do more for myself. Seeing the scale finally decrease was an incredible kick starter. But I knew weight loss didn’t just rely on portion control alone and there was more I needed to do.

Tune in for my next post which will detail my healthy (yet difficult) transition to a low-carb lifestyle.

See you then!

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