Unit 13 FMP — Experimenting for my final outcome ( Heat Press Printing).


After researching for different presentation methods as well as the printing methods for my final exhibited outcome, I came up with an idea of printing on a piece of fabric. I have tried this method for my last final major project and I thought I am not going to do any crafting this year ( I mean I thought I was going to do different technological photographic prints only, i.e. photocopier ), but it comes up this year again.

This concept of printing on fabric works like embeddedness; I print the strongest memories from myself on the fabrics step by step and these require my patience to make it refined. Just like the strongest memories embedding into my mind that it takes time to progress, i.e. maybe on that journey, a lot of things happened which make it unforgettable. It works quite conceptual and psychological to represent how hard the photo, which reminds me a lot from the day, ’embedded’ and further changed my life. I am not sure if everyone understands it but for me, printing on the calico works similar to ‘print’ it in my mind, and they both would not able to go as it has been progressed in my long-term memory already.

Below shows my experiment with the heat pressing machine:

This is how the heat press machine looks like and I deliberately went to the Fashion foundation department to borrow it for uses. I have been induced on how to use the heat press machine ( you can refer to my blogs from last year) so the Fashion tutors allowed me to use on my own.  For printing, I have to first wait for the machine to heat up to 200 degree Celsius (it took me almost 30 minutes). After that, I can start printing.

Caution: as the heat press machine is heated up to such high temperature, so the surroundings have to be cleaned to avoid any burning.


FYI, this is the transfer paper I used for this printing

Remember to print at the correct side ( photo at the left shows my mistake and I wasted one paper already). After printing the photo from the photocopier and cut out a piece of calico, I can start printing.


These are my trials of printing on the calico with my photos from Cornwall. I am so satisfied with the result and I feel like I would be using this method at my final exhibition, because of the reason mentioned above. Although the colour printed out quite matte and faded, this does not affect the visual details from my photographs. When you observe it detailedly, you can see how obstinate the photograph sticks on the fabrics and given a contrasty glossy printing compared to the rest of my printed photos for the exhibition.

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