Unit 13 FMP — Shoot in Hong Kong — Grandparent’s house


During my stay in Hong Kong, as I was inspired by Michael Wolf, who shot the series of ‘100×100’, (Michael Wolf ‘100×100’ ), I planned to do a photo shoot in my grandparent’s house, which is an old-style dwelling in one of the public estates in Hong Kong. I was supposed to do one photo shoot only but turned out that I realised the photos were not strong enough so I did it again on the next Saturday when the time our family gathered together for dinner.


This is the only time our family would gather together in the week, having dinner together and sharing each other’s life. This habit is started since I was a kid, and every member would definitely leave the day for the reunion. I was glad that our family has this habit which regularly connects each other by a duration of dinner time. My grandma is usually being the chef for the whole dinner ( she made 9 meals by her own which I am so admiring of it). These photos below show the normal meals a Chinese family would usually have, including seafood, veggies, meats and soups.

I especially shooting the moments of us having dinner as I found it so representative about my family’s culture. This is the time we reunion and normally ‘family meals’ means so much as it seems like a welcoming or farewelling meal of coming back or leaving home. Especially for me, ‘family meals’ are always becoming my first and the last meal during my stay in Hong Kong, it makes me feel so warm about family love; it included all the love and blessing in it.



Apart from capturing the moments when we were having dinner, I have also captured the moments when some of the family members were communicating, yet I mainly focus on my cousin’s face. She is the youngest member in our family ( before her, I was the youngest). Capturing her interaction with different members seems like in the meantime capturing her growth at that instant moment.


these two photos are mainly referred to as Michael Wolf’s work of ‘100×100’. I photographed my grandparents inside their dwelling, surrounding them with their hosing decorations and facilities. These were not staged, it is the moment when I saw my grandpa was sitting in the middle of the living room and so I asked him for a photo. After that my grandma asked to join the photo as she wanted me, as the only photographer in the house, to capture this moment for them. I was so touched at that moment as I did not never spend some much time looking at them clearly, and through my viewfinder, I realised they have aged as quickly as I have not enough time to witness it.


Apart from people in the environment, I have also focussed on the details in the house. My grandpa used to collect different things when he was young, such as coca cola, wines, and at the same time keeping different old photos from our family. I realise that time had gone so fast when I look at the photographs, and they tell me to cherish every moment staying with them.



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