Meet Benjamin

I first met Benjamin at church back when I was still very new to life in Kathmandu. He was super friendly (even more so than the high Nepali standards) and invited me back to his place for dinner. I soon realized that Benjamin doesn’t live a very ordinary life and that he has an extraordinary story that inspires him to live in the way that he does.

Benjamin and his wife have chosen to take in and provide for 12 orphans as well as their own baby daughter. When the 2015 earthquakes hit, Benjamin and his brother built some extra shelters for the people in their community who lost their homes and had nowhere else to live. These shelters now serve as homes for the orphans and form a small community with vegetable gardens and even it’s own simple church.

The reason behind why Benjamin does all of this is because he was once an orphan himself. He grew up in a small village in the Annapurna ranges and when his father became sick and died, his mother couldn’t support their family on her own. They moved to Kathmandu to find help and Benjamin was taken in by a Christian orphanage where he grew up and came to know God as his heavenly father. Benjamin views his orphanage as an opportunity for him to be able to give back to other orphans the love and kindness that he has received in his own life. He is always telling the children that they are loved and that they have a father in heaven who cares about them very much.

Benjamin has a bachelors degree in business and is in his final year of studying for his masters in divinity. He’s a smart guy and a very hard worker. He has been teaching music at a school in Kathmandu part time while studying but it’s not always easy to make ends meet when there are 12 extra mouths to feed. Benjamin hopes to one day run his own business so that his orphanage can be self-sustainable but that dream still feels like it’s a long way off at this stage. If you would like to make a donation to Benjamin’s orphanage, or if you are interested in investing in one of his business ideas, please let me know. Benjamin has been a good friend to me during my time in Kathmandu and I would love to put you in touch with him if you have a desire to help him in any way.

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