Myanmar Culture – Yangon city with lots of Things we can do.

Myanmar is a small southeast Asian country. Myanmar is next to Bangladesh and Thailand it’s also the tauch India and China border.

formally we known as Burma. Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar and economic capital of Myanmar.

Myanmar current capacity is naypitaw. Myanmar population is aprox 51 million with various of Culture.

We can called Myanmar is Bhudhism country more then 80% people following Bhudhism aprat from that 20% population of other religions like Christianity (7%), Islam (4%) and other Hindu ( that is call indovermi ).

Myanmar Local Currency is KYAT ( K).

Myanmar Culture:-

Myanmar people are very simple and living very normal life they all are working for earnings.

I noticed that women are aslo working all kinds of work like office job to Street seller they are capable to do anything and man are very supportive.

Dress of Local people are very similar they are bearing Lungi, Man’s and Woman’s both are bearing that with Top and shirts.

Life is very smooth here, people are very supportive and helpful.

Only one problem I noticed here that is most of people can’t speak English they can speak only local language so you should need a local Guide or converter for help you for communicate with local peoples.

What you can do In Myanmar :-

Here I am sharing Yangon experience,,,


In Yangon there is many Pagoda Temple with there own history so you can visit here many Pagoda Temple.

Some are very famous like Loka Chanta Abhiya lambha Muni, and best one is Sbwedagom Pagoda ( one the most famous here it’s entry fees is ( 10000Kyat ).

Sbwedagom Pagoda Yangon

Sbwedagom Pagoda


Vipul Photography


Yangon temple

These are some photos of Famous PAGODA you can see the beauty ( for Details you can watch my You Tube video Vipul Vlog.

2. You Can enjoy Very Famous Local Street food :-

Myanmar is very famous for his local food if you are vegetarian, you can’t be enjoy food here but if you eat non-veg so you have many options to choose…

Some are very famous here lik


*Bayarkyaw ( it’s very Different )


*The and coffee

*Green leaf salads
* Roasted Fish

One very interesting food is strike food ( chicken strike , Pork strike )

These kind of lots of options are available here for details you can watch videos.

Yangon local street food

Local Street food

Vipul Photography

You can buy Normal vegetables and Meet from Local market.

Local market Yangon

3. Night Life Yangon:-

You can enjoy Drink with music and Dance in KTV.

Beers are very cheap here so you can enjoy and it’s easily available on every second shop.

4. Shopping in Yangon Down Town:-

There lot of things are available for shopping Down Town is the best option for that you can buy Myanmar Traditional Dress Lungi from here and many Bhuddha Statue as a memory of Yangon.

Down town

Yangon Downtown

Down twon is very famous and very Old area of Yangon so you must be visit there if you are in Yangon Myanmar.


I hope this blog can help you for understanding of Myanmar.

I will share continue with different cities with different knowledge.

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