Peaches – 5 Simple Meal Ideas

There are many summer fruits out there but today we are going to talk about peaches. These tangy sweet summer fruits are great to cook, bake, grill, can and freeze the are and all around multipurpose fruit. Peaches are grown in many places worldwide but they originated in China and China is still a peach supplier today, when we Americans think of peaches we thing of one state Georgia though they are grown in a few other states too.

Truth be told I was no peach lover as a child but really like them as an adult and I add them to many dishes or just eat them straight up fresh no cooking or seasoning added. If you are not keen on peaches don’t worry you are not alone but I bet you may know someone who can’t wait until the summer season roles around because that is when the best peaches are grown. We all have our favorite supermarket we buy them from but getting them from a local farmers market or road side seller is the best they are fresh and some of the most delicious peaches I have ever had. In this article I am going to discuss different ways to make meals using peaches including some of my favorite dishes plus we will check out new dishes and revamp some old traditional dishes too.

Slice and dice. I have to start off with the most obvious way to eat peaches… fresh. Slice em up and chow down but there are other things to be done with these lovely little slices of peachy goodness too. Top off salads, cereals and many desserts, freeze the slices and drop them into a beverage of your choice to cool and flavor it at the same time. I love peaches with grilled chicken the fresh fruit and the warm seasoned chicken are awesome on the taste buds.
Grilled and frozen. Grilling Peaches can add extra flavors to this sweet soft fruit, the char or caramelizing give a smoky flavor and a nice crunch too. You can serve these with ice cream which is always a go to when fruit is in the picture or eat them just by themselves. Instead of eating plain vanilla ice cream dice fresh peaches and freeze them, after they are frozen take them and fold them them into vanilla ice cream to make a chunky peach ice cream. You can puree the peaches too for a creamy ice cream instead of chunky texture. Make a whole batch of fresh peach ice cream rather than a single serving, your favorite cool treat can be scooped and eaten immediately. Peaches can amp up the flavor in those plain Jane treats, when you think about it isn’t it what the big named food companies do anyways?
Peaches come from places all over the world the largest producers are China, Italy, Greece and the USA to name a few. Peaches are know as clingstones and freestones these varieties are named this because of how the flesh holds onto the seed or pit it is either hard to break off (clingstone) or (freestone) the flesh releases easily from the pit. Peaches are known for the yellow or white flesh color but there are other colors including red and purple and white peaches have lower acid than your traditional yellows.
Flat breads and wraps. Wraps are an easy way to have a on the go meal or snack. Serve your wrap cold with fresh sliced peaches your favorite creamy spread, blueberries or other fruit and some cheese crumbles if you like cheese. You can take that combo or another if you like and place the ingredients on flat bread or naan to make a mini pizza. Toast up the spread, cheeses and breads first then top the warm ingredients with the sliced peaches and other fruits. Toasted, gooey and juicy with the addition of fresh peaches makes a delicious little meal.

Simple peach desserts. Why make a big pie when you can take an already made pie crust and layer your peaches inside fold the edges over to create a tart like shell. You can add seasoning to your peaches prior to enclosing them in the pastry dough for some flavor and sweetness then bake the crust as directed on the box and you have a simple treat. Tip: make sure your peaches are sliced thin enough to cook properly there are many recipes online for peach filling that will give you the right thickness for baking them perfectly.
Bake your peach with a scoop of streusel topping in the center this is pretty neat for those individual desserts and you can make the exact amount you need to feed your gang. You can make your own streusel topping or buy the box stuff either way delicious!

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