Canon EOS M50


Canon’s latest upgrades to its M-series is the Canon
with its compact size, making it easy to carry and capture
beautiful moments. The Canon EOS M50 has the advantage of being the first of
its kind to use the new CR3 format, which gives you full compact resolution
rather than ‘small’ or ‘medium’ formats. Taking a look at the build of the
camera, you can see that they paid attention to the overall ergonomics and what
is considered as comfortable. The Canon EOS M50’s main focus is its
connectivity and ease of use. As an entry-level camera, it’s priced a little
higher than the others, but for a great reason – it’s adaptable.

Most cameras that you come across will have a feature that it
is known for, and that’s a good thing. The Canon EOS M50 has plenty of reasons
for us to rejoice. It comes with a mirrorless-option and a sturdy grip,
granting ease of use to its owner. There is finally a 4k option, although it
will need improvement over time. It has better connectivity with your phone, so
photos can immediately be sent there after taking them. A few noteworthy
features are new RAW format, Dual Sensing IS, Auto ISO, and wireless options
when it comes to shooting and storing photos.


One of the significant points of the Canon EOS M50 is how
small and compact it is. These points make it easy to carry around and reduce
the amount of equipment you may need to get the perfect shot. It has a built-in
flash, 24 MP sensor, and 10fps burst continuous shooting, which is a lot better
than some of the cameras out there for that price point. Take also into
consideration the excellent connectivity options available with this camera as
well as both photo storage and remote-control shooting options. It also comes
with an extensive area coverage and a 3-inch LCD fully-articulating lense to


The Canon EOS M50 does not come with the best video quality
features; the severe cropping has gotten the camera a bad reputation. Among
other things, the battery life is less than the predecessor. You will have to
struggle through the limited shots in RAW, but that can be overlooked. Taking a
look at the cost in comparison to the competition, some customers believe that
you can get an equally feature-packed camera for the same price. Not all have
agreed with this statement and some owners even go so far as to say that the
Canon EOS M50 could take on the Panasonic G85, the Sony a6300, and the Fujifilm
X-T20 and come out on equal footing.


Canon’s attempt at a compact camera that focuses on design,
connectivity, and ease of use has been a significant success for the brand. The
Canon EOS M50 is a reliable camera with a few minor issues to work around.
There are plenty of features to hold your attention and keep you loving the
quality of photos that are produced with each shot. Canon succeeded, and we
can’t wait for the next one in the series.

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